Warcraft III The Frozen Throne: Night Elf Campaign #3 - The Tomb of Sargeras

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  • Автор: YOGSCAST Rythian

    The Frozen Throne is the expansion to Warcraft III, and it's amazing. We're going to continue our journey, seeing the origins of some of Warcraft's biggest characters, and what made them what they are today. There'll be Dota heroes and book talk as well, so settle in for a long ride!


*watching Nerdcubed, sees this*

No contest really


omg, i've been waiting for this. I legit was watching but went for a drink
and you upload, so mean. <3

Dr_ Smart_

Rythian, you could have used the crows to fly about and find all the bits
of orb.


28:37 look at statues


Aww yeah, my favorite mission in Frozen Throne. The level design is simply

Jimbob Jeffory

now i know what the clips i saw from the 1 hour video about guldans lore
from this missions cutscenes were. yay. achievement get: makes sense!

imperial butterflies

The reason why naishia has heavy armour is since she has been around for
longer of times her blacksmithing is better


I dont like night elf campaign on Reign of Chaos and on TFT


Music around the time when he picked up 3rd orb fragment is so good.

max woodrow

Noooo the furblog it cannot die!

Wallaby Shrimples

'I'm sure you guys have figured it out already'
Uh... Yeah! Of course!

M Jonsson

Wait, how does Maiev even know how to read Orcish?

Dominik Brun

Moooreee! Hahah

Hannu Marijarvi

Maiev is clearly Naisha's top.


The horrors Gul'dan faced in his final moments... Were probably face hunter
and patron warrior

Stanko Aksentijevic

whats with panda on this mission?

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