Borderlands 2

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  • Автор: theRadBrad

    Borderlands 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 with HD Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Gameplay and Commentary by theRadBrad.
    Borderlands 2 Playlist:

    Part 1 of this Borderlands 2 Gameplay Walkthrough includes the Intro and Missions: My First Gun, Blindsided and Cleaning up the Berg. This Borderlands 2 Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Gameplay and the Ending.

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    Set five years after the events of Borderlands, Handsome Jack, the game's main antagonist, has taken over the Hyperion Corporation, declared himself Dictator of Pandora and taken all of the credit for finding the Vault, going so far to claim responsibility for killing the Destroyer. Jack has also blotted out much of the light on the planet by having a giant orbiting H-shaped base set in front of Pandora's stationary moon. The new team in Borderlands 2 is tasked with killing Jack and returning peace to Pandora.
    Borderlands 2 begins with the protagonists on a train to an unspecified location to begin their search for the vault, only for it to turn out as a trap by Handsome Jack to kill all who search for the Vault. The Vault hunters defend themselves only for the train to crash, with them waking up in an arctic wasteland along with Claptrap. The mysterious Guardian Angel then contacts them and explains that Handsome Jack must be killed, directing players to rescue the four original Vault hunters from Hyperion's clutches to accomplish this.

    Borderlands 2 initially has four player characters: Axton (Commando), Maya (Siren), Salvador (Gunzerker), Zer0 (Assassin), DLC characters: Gaige (Mechromancer).

    Borderlands 2 NPCs include: Brick, Claptrap, Dr. Zed, Ellie, Lilith, Mad Moxxi, Marcus Kincaid, Mordecai, Patricia, Tannis, Roland, Scooter, Sir Hammerlock, Tiny Tina, Crazy Earl.

Royal Haitian

Ur right I played rage so

Lucy Jane

You said play it by ear right? Because that's what you are supposed to say.


When I first started playing this I remember how weird it felt to aim.

Elijah Bass

They need to recreate some 360 on xbox one aye who tryna play xbox one tho?

KiitKat Vantas

This is my first time watching your videos, but Im sure ill be watching
more after this ^w^

Luka Bla

I joined you on thi video :/

erica lewis

I found it this series

Jay-C cLass

rock on rad brad

Sirena SilverMoon

Anyone mind helping me not with leveling up I've been op 8 a year ago, but
I stopped playing but I'm having problems... I play Xbox 360. ( If anyone
is willing to help me we might to reschedule when to start so...)

Justin Clifton

I play Maya, Salvador, and zero. Just found your channel today and loving
it. Just hoping you'll play through the handsome collection or borderlands
3 when they come out. :)

Triton Lelewski

Heey theRadBrad,
Sunday, March 8, 2015 Found your channel from this video :)
During a steam sale I decided to take a look before purchasing, and what
can I say... You sold me on it :D
Great vids Keep it up (^.^)!


On sale on Steam for like $5.40 CAD

Amber Williams

Their is a legendary egg in ClapTraps fire place

Caleb Kenard

Use commando or area


Stumbled by for previews- 25 Best Mac Games -
Posted 12/10/2014 for $30.
So the night starts off reviewing BioShock
Infinite walk through, accidentally nodded
off 2/3 the way in deep rem & woke hearing
my voice in death moan. That left scar tissue
on 60yr old bad sectors.
This game does have nice graphics.
The jabber & monkey arms of robot could use dose of prozac.
Thanks for the tour.

Yuzuriha Inori

6 adds on a 20 min long video ...

Johnny Nunes

Anyone watching wondering what the song is called it's by the heavy and
it's called short change hero from the trailer

Mint Plz

I'm a newcomer, will this series involve he DLCs as well as the vanilla

No name No name

I started watching this vid


i love this game and before 3 months i have play it on mi causents computer
and is was so cool and i like to see more of this game !


I saw your videos when I types borderland,you are funny ;)

jayson diaz

add me on ps3 if you have this game


Kyrann Yoder LOLder

I was looking for a guy who plays dead rising 3 and i found u

Bill Therrien

I like your walk-throughs.  I saw the first chapter of The Evil Within on
March 21.  It looks awesome, I'll have to get it for sure.

See TheGamerGuy

this dude has 4,100,000,00 subs

RBTD Ryebread The Destroyer

The Handsome Collection here I come

Aiden Morris


Aiden Morris

get the one with a mishigun his is the with dude not the fat one

Aiden Morris

with mastake

Lisa Williams

Rad brad can you stop curssing

Nathan Norwood

Do you create a character in this game?

Oskar Rickaby-Pratt

Playing the Handsome Collection mostly BL2 on PS4 if anyone wants to just
play around im lvl20 Psycho levelling fast, add me TwistedSlayer24


i played both borderlands on my channel and i like 2 more.

dalton penny

I found your channel with your halo 4 sieres

StopWatchGaming 1

This game sucks! Don't buy it! Get Destiny instead because it is way

Derek Gardner

Well, since you asked... I just started playing Borderlands last week with
the 2k sale and saw this video today! So just found your channel.

joe moore (ender dude)

What is with the audio

diamond dragon

borderland i found your video

JNK xXx JXSHI Mainchannel

Just got the handsome collection so watching this when it installs


What is up with the audio in this video?!

Jack Doe

Five fucking ads? That's an ad every four minutes. Time to move on...


I am getting that game on Tuesday,Wednesday, or Thursday

Necryd Runner

And zero as a number 10/10 IGN

Toni “Blade” Turtl

...... Anyone else realize that there was a Doctor Who reference? Just me?


This game looks so boring IMO

Yak Shak

Sorry to be a pest but i recently bought a PC for gaming, it's not nearly
as good as I want it to be (in fact it;s a huge hunk of junk that I got for
170 dollars). So, I decided  to buy new parts, they should be coming in
shortly, and so until then I'm posting low quality videos on Borderlands 2.
If anyone can show some love and give me a sub or like on one of my videos
that would be great!
When ever I get around 300 subscribers I'll be making a giveaway to show my
gratitude (it won't be anything amazing, just like 15 dollars or something
like that through pay-pal). Thanks in advance for the support :)

Austin Wallace

I found you at 200,000 subs.

Tsoc Black Ops Sniper Clan Leader

I know not many people play this game anymore but I'm kinda bored and I'm
wondering if anybody needs help maybe completing the story or leveling up
on the ps3? I'm a level 50 Zer0
PSN Username: dukester38671


Was hoping you'd do Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, but this will do.
I tried watching someone else do the walkthrough, but I couldn't stand him!

KSegg 1One

Just got this for my PS Vita. I'm loving this game.


This game looks a little confusing..


hia im the teamfortress2player12 and i found your channel on 5/1/2015 at
5:00 pm nice to meet you ;)




whell thats convenint the ai is attached to every eletronic on the planet


wtf he sounds like stewie at 20:30 his acts likes him to XD

Andrew Fisher

I was like number 30,000!

Stillwater Felix



Claptrap sounds so familiar

Susie Ward


I found your channel through the evil within walkthrough and my cousin
actually recommended your video's since they are full pf humor and
gameplay!! :D


Do you know what you have to press on the xbox 360 controller so that Maya
can Phaselock?


This was the first video I've seen of theradbrad

Patrick Baneman

Stop begging for likes and subscribers. Man 5 times in the first 5 minutes
of the videos. Geez.

Adam Shabana

That mic tho

Adam Shabana

OOps it was my headphones lol

Camajhne Vernon

Can u play the leader please my money director wants me seeing u playing
the leader


What I don't get is why do the drawings of Handsome Jack show his mask as
being a mask if he doesn't want people to know?


I just got myself borderlands and wanted to watch a play through so i'm not
a complete idiot in the game as i begin the game.

LeBron Carter

He shocked claptrap

The Delta Werewolf

You should use the guy zero as a number

Jody McKinnon

I play this game so much on xbox 360 this morning me and my friend killed
flint he is a huge guy . I got no loot then I got a chest I got a sniper

mystic gamer

I'm a level 68 on borderlands2

Remus Peh

Funny How The Punch Is Stronger Then The Pistol

Ganesh Nayak

Dude! You're the man... Love your work here on you tube... Keep it up!

Kr3x Playz

One of My All Time Favorite Games

Hunter Klein

Which character should I play as?

alex munoz

Can you do 3d person view on this game?a

Nick Weber

i found u on wolfenstien the new order

weave silk

Can someone please buy borderlands 2 for me on steam my brother and friends
all have it and I really want to play with them.


why is the sound so weird and quiet compared to brads voice

ryan condon

ohhh shit hahah

Angelica Santana

I got the presuqueland part 2

Instaboys Wwe


fidelia valencia

Get the shiny green rock it gives you a stuff

Crystal Jones

Choose zero

Charmaine Hill


Hayden Fontaine

the audio cuts out and cuts in  in the video that normal?

Hayden Fontaine



At 18:39 there is a floating bandit

DEG DEG KING (0dd0ne0ut)

"Allons-y zommg ductur whu!"
Fucks sakes it' french for "Lets go."
Also,"Geronimo" has always been a fucking word.
It's like saying Groceries and thinking it'S A SONG REFERENCE.
It may be a reference but being an annoying shit won't make it better.


I came here to see how good borderlands 2 is and its really good! i might
get it sometime later

Rebecca Maull

Youtube is epix

Synyster Gates

Thumbs up on this comment if you like Borderlands 2!

Joey Klein

I have this for ps vita

Mandar Powale

Do I have to play Borderlands 1 to be able to understand the story of this
game ?

Kaden Shock

Zero zero

Christina Dietzen

Found your page when looking for a Dead Space gameplay video, and I've been
hooked on your page ever since. Watched those, Outlast, Amnesia, The
Walking Dead, and now this. When I'm not playing games, I like watching
other people play them. LOL Thanks! :) <3

TakyTakS *

nice video man

Jordan Smith

I wish he chose the gunzerker instead

Alex Rodriguez

Is this game really worth it? Because man this cartoon style is giving me a
headache I freaking hate cartoon style videogames and someone's trying to
sell this to me for $4 lol

Henry Lykes

Do the next generation

The KJ

What the fuck is with the audio

Facsimile Doh

Who is 22 Mordecai?

Shouka Kanai (God Of Life)

I've played this but on PS Vita but it a bit hard it control

Steve Tran

I have this game!

Steve Tran

But my game is on computer

Honey boo

Replaying this



Kolbeinn Tumi Bjarnason

I found you're channel in 2011 4 years ago wow

YusufandAbbid Mahmood

Tf2's better.


Vault Hunters wanted! Add gamertag ThexBerserker.

Retarded Retard

soo say iff you pick zero all the others die? im new to borderlands

Its Patr1ck

Anyone wanna play with me on ps3 ItsnotunusualO_o is my gamertag


am i the only one who still plays borderlands 2 on ps4?


When boom bewm said light the fuses bitches haha

Ivan Ortiz

Play as zero

Ivan Ortiz

Play as zero

Silver the Hedgehog 77

Wait, wrong Zero.

Liz McAllister

Maya or what ever SHES EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz McAllister

She has phase blast I know because I've played also u know because I didn't
see her ability

Carrie Frost

He's simply one hell of a hunter

Prediking 106

I want u to play as zero


do zero

Lego Ninja

do I need a psn account to play the game in single player like destiny

A Potts

the bullymog looks like a four armed blanka

Stormy plays

You should have been a gunzerker and I found your channel in 2013

Viktor Lazarev


Nguyenle Quangdinh

wtf why ther no music

Julius Caesar

I am waiting sooo much for the final episode of the Tales from the
Broderlands, that installed Borderlands 2 and start playing it all over
again, also it's sad that Scooter died :(


use ZERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucas Husli

Check out my YouTube channel

Lucas Husli


tessa p

can u please be Zero


I rather choose bullet to my knee versus playing this game with gamepad.

Nobelia Matias

Anybody wanna play with me on PS3? I'm lvl 45.


Hello, TheRadBrad. Thanks for the videos.
I just got the game 2day, so I will start playing it soon.
I'll keep coming to watch your uploads everytime I need to learn something
else about this game.

BHARGames Reynolds

Clap-Trap the bot that doesn't Shut the fuck up xD

Denis Morrow

3 years ago

Denis Morrow

3 years ago

Kyrollos Guirguis

radbrad you are freaking awoseme

Azb 010

Use assassin

Wild Fire PY

Prefiero cagarme en mi puta madre antes de jugar est

del miner

Anyone want to play with me curse I'm lvl 34 gunzerker looking for a good
time and freind

nikscope nikscope

Fuck the radbrad

Sans Gaster

we all know zero=best character


Plz stop looting everything your missing the story

RattyCrayFish Gaming

Uploaded one day before my birthday

PS4warrior 97

I've only played borderlands the pre sequel From the handsome collection
does anyone play this on ps4?

DriLL ApeX

Does anyone play Borderlands 2 and have a mic? I would really want to play
with someone. Message me and send me a friend request. My PSN:


Watched your The Last Of Us play through when I was stuck.

Cole Dupuy

Um, this is a dumb question but how do you run in this game? I got it for
my Vita just yesterday and I can't figure out how to sprint. :(


I like your videos

Andrew Noel

I just came here to see the gameplay before I go out and buy it. It looks
massively upgraded from what I've seen in Borderlands 1 and it also looks
like tons of fun. I'll be playing this one solo all the way through as I
did with Borderlands 1. I'm also looking forward to buying The Pre-Sequel
as well. I need more shoot 'n' loot!! :D


Jan Tome

Should I first play Borderlands 1?

Hotrod Neal

Add me hotrodneal ps3


Please tell me the sound gets better? =/

Elijah Johnson

Don't click Read more

dominic carter

i found you i dount know 2 years ago i wached all you vids and live strims

Ricarda Amaral


mike H

found your channel 11/30/15

Potato Fooger

i love your videos

Arsany farid


ego my lego

this game looks unbelievably shit

denae frenchy

I just got borderlands2. so uh, this was your introduction to the channel.
I hope you used maya?

Lexi Granger

If you let them shoot the bullymongs then they are like helping you out
then when the bullymongs are dead you kill the people simple me and my
older sister play were on like level 20 something


I had a bad a!# bulymong when I started the game


I had a bad a!# bulymong when I started the game

Reant ablAcorn57

jake the ripper will kill and save people

Kyle Jacot

anyone wanna fresh start a run on ps3? my gt is BewB_Ninja

Ralph Mawyer

well Brad I started watching a week ago when I watched your cod ghosts
gameplays with my bro and I just have to say you do a great job ty

cobie medich

Who else is watching this in 2015

Odin Games

me 2015 12 20

Kathrynn Johnson

This is the first video I'm watching by you :) I just watched a top ten
watchmojo video and this maya from this game was number 5 so I thought I
would check it out

Rolando Esquivel

use axton


I found it far cry 3 series

blank Curl

shadow of mordor

Chief - Mafia Engineer

19:05 i was gonna kill that guy! xD

kevin vazques

I have xbox 360 my gamertag is mannedchained41

Kawaii Storm

I found your channel while looking for a Tomb Raider gameplay


Which game:
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Borderlands 2
PLs help!

Michael Nelson

how many characters in the game


This game is awesome!! I play it on pc

Ben Brooks

Through fallout 4


Brad y u get the girl n not zero zero is the best and quiet

Gavin Burwell

Found your channel 2016.

mista mann

I like zero

Metairie Polio

Why is it 30fps

Charlie Gibson

you mist $12 bucks on table

Uki Pro123

USE NINJA oh I just rememberd im watching this in 2016

cooper stewart

i think you should stay the character you are

Weak Rabbits

very nice gameplay Rad, always enjoying them!

Austin Pitts

I found your channel just recently when I was looking up Lollipop Chainsaw,
and I thought you were really cool so I subscribed.

Tre Egner

u should have u gunzmoke


I'm new to the series, can someone tell me which is the best borderlands

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