Dota 2 - Saksa 7900 MMR Plays Lina - Ranked Match Gameplay

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Otirra Madera


LkGamer ZkR

nem eu

Henrik Ahnberg

I love Ads!

Izaias Junior

Ainda pegou o rampage kkkkk


this music is awful

yair carbajal


Long Ka


Icko Dimanchev

8000 MMR- Saksa!!!

Steven Le


Zip Zap!

3:20 dat rp god..


If all macedonia good dota 2 players play together and we could make a team
that can go in TI6 we will win next all 5seasons in a row.
Ако сите добри играчи во Дота 2 од Македониа би играле заедно и би можеле
да направиме тим што ке оди на TI6 би победиле следните 5 години по ред


gg wp


Wouldn't you expect from a top player to at least hit the majority of his
stuns after the Eul's? Or is it just me? ^^'

denny senata

8k player be like , medium bots , ez life

hans hadiranto

IO doing a good work

Matheus Araujo

well played

Bandit “Star” Wtf


Mars Maz

good rampage


this is insane, but gotta say that io and vengeful did some great work


Does this guy have twitter, fb or something?


This is Lina, i love that hero

Nika Makaridze

this is not ranked match lier and its not saksa

Rio Felix

Best Lina ever!

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