Dota 2 - SumaiL 7500 MMR Plays Shadow Fiend - Ranked Match Gameplay

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    Syed "Sumail" Hassan
    During the second half of 2014, SumaiL made a name for himself as one of the better mids in the NEL. After a period playing for various North American teams, during the Western reshuffle of late 2014-early 2015, SumaiL began playing as a standin for Evil Geniuses.

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Adhimas Ilham

ROFL lion's nick "11 januari bertemu"

SumaiL played on sea?

Linkoln 641

2:33 =)

13 / 47

omfg 2.36

Ajinkya Parulekar

full match pls,would like to see how he gets 130 cs in 15 mins

Ho Jerrel

as ez as TI

Женя Лухманов

9:59 реакции дофига

Vlad Erofeenko


Jameel abo yousif

omg hes so fast

Ванёк Леськив

подскажите какая фисура у шейкера

Alexey Kovpaev

2:35 pt to int and tp home. He would be fine.

yogatama putra

lmao that lion nick xD sumail on SEA?

Fazi S.Sn.

that earth 10:00

Liam Lcw

damn sumail's react speed

rizky purwansyah

Its real sumail? In which server? That lion is indonesian player i know cz
his name hmmmm

Oga Tatsumi

y so suprise Sumail play on sea server.. I already play with miracle- w33 &
Sumail.. im sea server (Malaysia) but only once though.. never have chance
to play with them again :')

willy saputra

9:59 that reflect thoo

retor hawkeyes

the moment when sumail kills es at 5:50 around :D wp

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