Dendi Zeus | Na'Vi vs Virtus Pro Starladder 11 Dota 2

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Dota 2 Highlights TV

Dendi Zeus | Na'Vi vs Virtus Pro Starladder 11 Dota 2

Luka Modric


Menno Snoek

I like that hud... Can anyone tell me the name?

Sugab Ardnahc


Paul David Lape

Dendi Zeus | Na'Vi vs Virtus Pro Starladder 11 Dota 2

Heen Heen

Navi is back


Makratus the Grammar Inquisitor

Huh. I didn't know Dendi was still a thing. I suppose so.

Daniel D.

Что за сет у фуриона?
What set is on nature's prophet?

Jay L

You can't run from Heaven!

Mr. Owl

Astonishing plays from Dendi again! :) I had goosebumps all over my body
when I was watching this live. haha

Candra Pradipta

3:26 Zeus singing

Jose Felix Garay Barrientos

no se si se dieron cuenta de la pasada del queso de dendi a Xboct :v tal y
como hizo Not.Smash a Not.Iwo me hizo recordar ese momento :')

cullen H-S

new meta force staff core on every hero

Brock Casanova

bloodstone or aghanim first for zeus?

Jimmy Goh

honestly dendi just need a better team :I



Алексей Горелов

Стилер ебаный

Jonard Lolz

Dendi is overrated *Grabs Popcorn*

aaron 12424

Is this from a tournament or something? Where r these vids from?

Onin Nazareno

That roshan play tho..

Рустам Зухуров

Каже Денди ебошит!!
Особенно у рошана ахуенно получилось


My jaw literally fucking dropped at the rosh pit plays. Literally. Fucking.

Bryan Madrigalejos

so pro dendi

Fadli Riduan

actually, i prefer the old look of zeus in Dota 1. hope they will introduce
a new skin for Zeus, man


Wow, this game is really like League of Legends (THE BEST GAME IN THE
WORLD)! To bad Dota 2 sucks and will never be as good as league. Hope you
scrubs like playing a failed game.

Andrew Dreb O Banzuela


Eric Hans

You cant kill Dendi so easy .

Dandi Pogi

LOL Sucks! zzzzzzz Stupid game :D


i was thinking aww cmon theres nothing great in this then i saw that pro

Шерхан Абикенов

5:41 ??


lawl dat void was mad




dendi deserves to be in a better team than Navi

Freddy Jose



my only reaction to that rosh clash was...What the f*ck just happened ?!!!

earl barilea

wodota  idol!!

DOTA 2 Divine

1:22 sick move :D

DOTA 2 Divine

4:00 lol Funnik so lucky

Dominic Miral


Владислав Пак

Когда то это был лучший игрок в Dota 2

Janrey Liray

dendi need a better team!


nunca saco   cetro azul   acaso no save


don't be an unhealthy prick in your life because zeus doesn't miss

tornike gotvadze

2:40 stupidless void

Дмитрий Мельник

А ты и дальше пизди что Нави днища и скатились.

Alexandre Gomes

Octarine Core is a good item for Zeus?


Ну блядь, когда команда слаженно действует и есть, кто танкует и умело
играет, то и Зевс затащит. А в команде, где люди боятся нападать или лезут
по одному - ничего не получится.

Qing Mei

i wonder how good that zeus could do without abaddon

Миша Шорохов

Чудеса на ZevsE!!!

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