Dota 2 Purge plays Ancient Apparition (replay)

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  • Автор: PurgeGamers

    Ancient Apparition is generally seen as a super passive support who can't easily attain farm. In reality, he can be aggressive with ganking, standing in teamfights, and participating in them.

    Hopefully I can show you that with this video.

    Match ID: 1741941680

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Fer Di

" purge plays witch doctor " oh thats it for today .. gotta sleep...oh wait
" Purge plays aa " posted 1 minute ago " .. Oh fuckk


Under 301 club

Erich Fiederer

13:35 for game start

amble annabel


Cody Porvaznik (CodyThePCGamer)

bruh that time you get to an upload so quick that you watch in potato mode

Power Button

It still 360p in my thing. Ugh So slow I need 1080p

FOUR Seconds

Dammit Kevin i got 1st day of class tomorrow and ur uploading at midnight?
Well fuck guess im stayin up... screw engineering

XtrAGamingx 2

Damn that is fast purge


i love you.

Kesuke Miyagi

Purge please upload in better quality :/ thanks for your work though,


About to go to sleep 1 am in the morning notification goes off from new
upload from Purge. One more just one more just one more video! XD


About to go to sleep 1 am in the morning notification goes off from new
upload from Purge. One more just one more just one more video! XD

gonzalo cordero

Well, there goes my tonight's sleep, thank you Kevin


whats up with this awful quality ???


Why is the quality only at 360??

james anderson

Game starts at 13:36 for all those plebs who cannot sit through 13 minutes
of gameplay analysis.


You said that the most common skillbuild on AA was maxed vortex, but you
maxed cold feet in this game. Was that because your team had a lot of stuns
to help to ensure that cold feet proc'ed, and a lot of physical damage from
Lifestealer, WD and Morph?

Riley Martin

GG sleep


Hey purge, fight recap is a relatively new feature where you can look at
how much damage you dealt in the previous fight. Its easier to use than the
damage log i think.
Just a friendly reminder

TheGamingTank - DOTA 2 Vids - Commentary - MMR

Why did you max cold feet if you think it's such a bad ability?

Harriwin Selvarajoo

Please do the blocking and dewarding video


i go attos into aghs with tranquils, attos actually synergies well with hes
spells and it gives him that badly needed hp


Would definitely love to see that video on dewarding.


Yes do a warding and dewarding video please purge! <3


i wish you would have more guides ingame for heroes purge


Play ember


the only way to heal against AA is Sunder

Dota Noob

Dota is great game but the community make me don't play online with other


But BKB doesn't stop the shatter threshold nor does grave save you from
it... it's like culling blade.

cooper finnigan



That animation beetwen scenes!


xD i always max chilling touch

Marco Onyxheart

I always find it really difficult to get levels on AA.


Bro, Cask always does 50 damage to heroes.


I'd like to watch that dewarding/blocking video!


*Chilling Embrace* Love it!


Purge how many bloody skills in this game end in "embrace"


Please do make a dewarding video, your new and revised "you suck" guide has
done loads for my pulling but warding and dewarding really are things you
just need someone to sit you down and talk you through.

Zenix Fire

Everyone went to check their skype...


what is chilling embrace though?

Tanner LeClair

It goes through grave, like an Axe. Because it is a instant kill.

Matthew Rhall

Please Purge learn the names of skills

Marius Alexander

"AA is kinda cool hero"

I am phoenix

Play lifestealer! please! :3

Kenny Gentner

When you always know that the skype sound is Purge's because you have no
friends D:

draven cleary

Skype has a dungeons n' dragons mode confirmed by purge.

Terzo Gaming

you can cancel chilling touch buff by clicking it in your status bar


Replay starts at 10:58


In relation to mana boots, should you get some on undying?


AA is my favourite support right now


Please make a dewarding video, I need help on this!

Darrian the Magikarp

29:00 you know, you also coulda looked at the ingame fight recap for the

Stefan Novak

PLEASE do that dewarding video!

Sir Rhin

Pro-top: You can right click the Chilling Touch buff to remove it from
yourself. If you're stuck attacking buildings, just remove the buff.

Matias Irusta

you know what? AA is kinda cool hero
-Purge 10:56

Pablo Blue

well done, thanks Kevy. doesn't seem like an easy hero to master, tho with
solid stuns he's good. Fun with a Rasta I bet


"AA is actually a pretty cool hero" Dat subtle pun


Another steam roll? Aw well!


"Get better at Dota, that's what I'm saying" best advice ever :)


This game is fake,

Blitz isn't Storm Sprit

Francisco Galvan

You kept mentioning Venge...I want a Venge video pls


Purge, there's mod that shows all of the vision ranges, true sight ranges,
and blocking ranges. Baumi showed it off in a video before.


Kind of funny to see a Storm Spirit getting destroyed by Blitz this game


Hi!! Very good lesson with AA. Thank you. You mentioned somewhere more than
a month ago something about Drow Ranger. I will love to see that. Cheers!

nes s

thank you purge! :)


holy fuck chilling embrace stop it pls, also appa doesnt have cold embrace
which is the name of WW's skill

Aravindan Vasudevan

Hey could you play storm sprit and upload it please!!??

Grey Soul

Dude i check my skype every time :D

harpak arki

what do you think about aghanims scepter on AA? You din

Rita Pereira

I noticed Witch Doctor isn't one of the heroes that AA counters, but he has
one of strong healing powers of the game. Why do you guys think that is?

Gazump !

purge and venge sitting at in a tree,

Son Goku

I don't even have the same Skype tone and I checked it



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