Dota 2: The International 2014 Replays

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  • Автор: IGN Arena

    The main event of the Dota 2 finals kicks off with a bloody bang in Newbee's first game against ViCi Gaming.

IGN Arena

Miss the first match of #TI4? IGN Arena has the replay of Game 1 of
@ViCi_Gaming vs. @NewbeeCN! @Dota2


Such a quick game

Bukhbilegt Tselmeg

I think it would be nice to make a special MOBA where one side is made of
LOL map and Other one is DOTA map. One side has Hero(DOTA) and other one
with Champions(LOL). That do you guys think about it?

Parker Feraco

I'm new to Dota 2, but did ViCi Gaming forfeit, or did they somehow lose by
some other cause?

Snehal Patel

. Ti


dota sounds like the biggest rip off of league of legends

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