Na`Vi vs HellRaisers #1 | D2CL S5 (11.03.2015) Dota 2

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Na`Vi vs HellRaisers #1 | D2CL S5 (11.03.2015) Dota 2


fuck i hate when they zoom so much out why dont u just show us mini map so
u dont have to move camera

Sour Goblins

fuck navi, a dumbass manager. navi turned from 1st: ti1 2nd: ti2 and ti3 to
a shitty ass russian pub team, funnik was the 2nd best in navi after dendi
and they kick him without even saying anything.they kick puppey and kuro
with was a huge idiotic move by them once again. can only carry xbox so

Nekketsu Ice frost

Navi esta una porqueria hoy en dia :/

Chimee Chinbat

Na'Vi has bad capitan and bad hardliner (phobos) who is very very useless
in war. I am missing Funn1k. I think Na'Vi to restore hardliner

Jefry Randall Sinulingga

Na'Vi came back is real

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