NaVi Dendi vs US East Pub Dota 2. Triple Rampage.

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  • Автор: NoobFromUA

    Dota 2 Dendi plays Invoker/Lina/Shadow Fiend/Storm Spirit.


Dimitris Baltounas

if that dude playu invoker again i will shoot him for real.


He plays against such baddies lol. I've learned that in pub game where you
know nobody it doesnt matter how good of a player you are. I mean yeah
Dendi is good but in a pub game stuff like that doesnet matter sometimes.
We are all just seeing good moments in dendi's pub matches. But there are
just as much bad in his other pub games. Im not disrespecting dendi. Hes
amazing and that can only be shown through teamwork and not pubplay.

michael oning

oh my god storm spirit 3x rampage

mazhar iqbal

i like that dominating Breaking bad background track style with voice
actions :D

ola k ase

dendi should not be allowed to play in pubs.

Tinkerman .Prime

Is that the fucking Breaking Bad theme?

Praparn Kawwongsa

5:05 dancing killer

veryandi chandra

true talented , he was born for dota

Jose Pi

dat storm was on capitain mode XD

Александр Иринцеев

poor us pubs got pwned )

Доблестныйъ Полководецъ

В начале мне показалось, что денди учит стилить за инвока

scrappy drake

Finish fast?  Never!

Germans Pucko

russians rullz


I don't get how Dendi always gets to play against people who make so many
mistakes in positioning and picking. For example: The OD just walked to SF
while he was razing. Who does that?! And there line-up was shitty too,
Bristle, Razer, Alchemist, OD and Spiritbreaker.

Kirill Yavorskiy

Нави рулят!

Reznov Meurdah

Funny how half the people there arent even Americans

Иван Браташ

Что случилось на 3:33? Почему после ульты иконки скилов, иконка сф'a, аним
ульта - стали зелеными? Объясните

Игорь Гаврюшенко

Охуеть как так как он ебучих раков нагибает? я в шоке, особенно за шторма
он 24 а они 8 лвл о чем тут можно говорить?

Muuka .t

YEEAAA Breaking Bad


Rammstien! very good montage!


Go to my channel for Dendi highlights.




is that fucking russian enemy?!


So skill.. 10+ kills from sunstrike enemy close to friendly hero..


Если против тебя барандучки играют то можно и виспом рэмпагу сделать. Как я
например xD


3.23 music please

kokaha river

3:19 that music combination


rammstein wo bist do second one

Маргарита Посаженникова


Юра Лещенко

А что за музыка на 3 минуте играет? В описании не сказано...


Wow he must have had a really good team :o


Goddamn Russians. Ruining American servers.


dendi storm spirit build so OP :D


Dendi vs lol players :D

Mitchell “5h0tL3s5” Hassen


Orinbek Gumarov

Why ultimate Shadow fiend is color green???


Rammstein чётко вписывается



Виталий Русский

я хуею со шторма , денди душу дьяволу продал что ли?)

Commander Jupiter

6:31 are these on right dislikes and likes???

Lershe Gunner

me moje :Q_

Darren How

That bloodstone stack

Anton Chugay

Donda supa mida



Obi Brian Hariman

Green sf?


2 words, Holy Shit

Дмитрий Электрик

Who can throw off U426615966315

Petri Pure

Pretty much no fun to play at this point. When someone highly skilled goes
on rampage to kill low skilled people and douchebags put it on youtube.
Proving only that human race doesn't deserve to live on, considering how
much of dicks we are as species.


"tmr asko de dota noob ya fue gg asko ptmr" hahah noob peruvians

ai ' zeema Worlapuch

ez game

Makratus the Grammar Inquisitor

That wisp spawn kill was amazing... somewhat unnecessary, but amazing

Павел Рыбинский

пиздец задрот


epic build ever

alfredo vega



"3 corazones no jodas ps ptmr" Lol xd

Salamon Epic

Психанул после Ti3

Julian Nu

dat puck 0/20

Maximiliano Barraza

5:19 " 3 corazones no jodas ps ptmr " Title: NaVi Dendi vs

ours isthefury

i feel sorry for his enemies.(seriously) except if they are really noobs.
or at least one of them is a noob and throw the whole game because of
him/her. or maybe just because dendi is fucking awesome.

Saga ss

don't know why, but i feel bored :(

Jon Stamos

This is why he was called "The Arsenal Magus"

Gooby !

3:00 Dendi: "Sec Bristleback let me kill your friends first, then you"

Erza Scarlet

that stupid noob doesnt even use mom with lina what an idiot loser

Orgil Khulan

i always feel happy when someones beats the shit out of me with such high
skills. it makes the path to improvement even more entertaining

gordof homero

Te amo dendi '3


2:55 music pls

Steve ProGamer

You're crack

dkel' Dota

Rammstein - Feuer Frei! (Instrumental) -      3:19 music . :)

Janzen Arias



Really weird item build on Lina

ayy lmayo

3:28 OD prisoned bb instead of dendi. what a player dendi was. surely thats
dendi skill

Daniel Ng

hahaha they're all "i warded the whole map guys!" as if thinking wards are
gonna help against dendi lol


Я охерел ._.

Goblin Techies

They see the power soon!

faisal hassan

In 4 games 141 kill 4 deaths
Well .. Damn u dendi

Raphael Espinoza


Anton Nikitin

Вот это блять поиграл,вот это сука денёк на славу удался нахуй


5:20 hispanic detected !


56/2 - 30 min. game WTF ?!?!

Лариса Ванильная

самый классный из них Инвокер


storm spirit 56 KILLS HOLY SHIT i would be like SCREAMING when i have 36
kills, my record is just 24 kills 2 deaths and 10 assists D: dendi if  u r
reading this i want to say I LOVE YOU!


Сука стилер ипаный.

Игорь Яковенко

что то по этим бомжезакупам не верится что это дендик

Андрей Дягилев

3:29 what????

Rodrigo Mata

typical peruvians feeding a pro player

Alex “BlackStar” Altai

lol US servers too easy


guys, how to do double balls?


That Lina damage :')

Matthew ardern

op invoker with refresher

Gundam Wing

Suck the US East Pub LEVEL!!!! oh no...

akihiro kina

Clockwerk : Wait storm are you pro? ...41/0 -_-

Devent Lorenzius

This video is about how pro and skilled Dendi is. Don't know why people
like Petri Zabrata

paulo bulanadi

That Storm spirit <3

Thanos Adamakis

Wait , Storm are you pro ?

Standin “Paul” Kr

Dondo need a hobbie :)

Rylee cm

srsly, hes playing in low priority or what

My Maz3


Max Mustermann

RAPIER ON LINA?! sooo epic xDD nice one!!

eddz endlessly

Dendi is good at pub games.. Tournament games not.. Artezzy solo
eternalenvy rotk mushi burning xiao8 iceiceice is resolution is better than


i have watched that match live,
Radiant team was really whining and cursing IO, IO was their captain.

Joe Schifone

How is nevermores ultimate green!?

Le Cuong

Stfu rtz fan boy, u dont need to watch this.

Ebuzer .Y

Playing againts LWL 1-10

Spike 1880

wow peruvian alcehmist matched with dendi wtf is dat matchmaking no comment
rly and dat od who the fuck goes straight into nevermore razes...

erer uyuy

and out comes s4 and rapes him mid

Nostalgia RoC

5:22 I just realized that the alch is peruvian

deez nutz

sf's ulti is green?

Тимур Мухтаров

играет против новичков, видно же сразу, даже не рейтеновая игра

Yasha Anon

i think storm spirit was a little new in dota 2 becouse look at his item


How did he regen mana so fast as SS?

serega topor

puskai v ranked mm tak poprobuet omg/


6k mmr us = 2k mmr europe

Shizuo Urahara

So dendi doesn't collect souls from creeps, he collects it from every hero
he massacre


music 2:54 plz

Charles Dang

I just realized the genius of that move with Invoker in the beginning. It
forced WR to *change direction* so she would still be within hit range!
Genius! Most players would have tried to target her.


lol the entire first game, the dire has a courier thats not upgraded

DEkaps channel

Советую зайти на мой канал и посмотреть мои видео.

ronald nabua

wheres dendi

Tony Quang

I'm just warding leave me alone =))

taejin kim

wait what item is that storm spirit has? oh wait....that's just old one

Prashant Thakur

Dendi Boss...  _/\_


В соло ходит на вражеский фонтан и делает там ремпейдж.


Peter Goodwin

I went 35-0-8 with PL in a pub against west Europe dudes it was fun

Because I'm Batman

Proves that Dendi is better at everyone bec he only plays Euroupe and in Us
he is super pro

Asan Tug

почему сф стал зелёным? =/

elminecreator22 3

I think this is believed to rampage killing five people nomas is the
rampage killing 5 people between 15 and 25 seconds noob


this isnt dendi

Alexander Voynalovich

Мне бы так играть)))

Orc gasmo

peruvian alchemist, = lol

Денис Кулыгин

Такое ощущение что он против ботов играет. Все творят такую лоускильную

Денис Кулыгин

помему он создал новый акк и играл против 1 лвлов

WaterPR00F Dota

1:26 2 Mid or they were ganking?


cool SF ult

Stone Spirit

Opa Dendi :D

Fadhil SP

Dondo refresher ._. first time i see invoker using refresher



Джангир Коржумбаев

Dendi: "Линой ультуют только лохи!"


dat breaking bad song.. also, I really love storm spirit but I never did
such a good game with it oh my

Maikon Tutors

Dendi Jr

Maxim M

please tell me the name of the compositions(Invoker and Lina)

Anh Tu

He's too fast =.="

Sawyer Flash (Dremora)

До чего же все эти игры долбоёбские, кроме СФа, та норм

Riky Marru

fuck dondo in the ass

Dongwon Ko

dat dendi

Muhammad Fauzan


Рамиль Хрустков

56-2 это писец

Lucas Dupont


Jaylan Jones (vodkadotka)

man, dendi kinda sucks with invoker


3 bloodstones  :D lol


triple rampage?

Ian adelio

w8, sf with Refresher?


1:37 "54 people watching me fail?"

Jonatan Garcia

what is the name of the song, someone can tell me please

Батько Махно

Ребят,кто может,скиньте мне эти полные игры ,а то я нигде не могу найти их

Rell The Elder

How did he get that ult as Shadow Fiend?


Americans are really poor at this game in general...

Lord Shake

3:27 new arcana? :)

Jacki Production

Это было после поражения на TI, он стал на тропу мести и начал разрывать
пабы! НЕ ЗЛИТЕ ДЕНДИ! Гррр...

Тиркеш Аллаберенов

походу в лоу приорити играет

Adrian Diaz

I was adriandq in that game. Fun to be friends with Dendi

Martin Delgado

I got a double kill




lol "killing spree'' and ultra kill


О боже в лоююи играли стоим спиртом заметно что ульта бесконечная


that storm was outa control.

Jeck Galang



Ебать, 56/2, я такого счета даже на ботах не достигаю

Георгий Василенко

Батька, мне стоит поучиться

Aldo Guardia

min 3:00 "Wo bist du" from "Rammstein" + "Rammstein Tier"

nahuel olivera

es un buen jugador pero ese emparejamiento me parece que es muy malo, ese
jugger min 30 lvl 12 en el

JimmyLobo cerezo castillo

omg storm :o

Gumba Lumba

hey guys.. you can also check my rampage in my channel :D i maked the
stupidest rampage ever :D

Jesus Perez


haikal hadzik

Dude dat puck so bad

hard bass


iveliN Todorov

Mr.Mraz ili dqdo koleda koito ne go haresva ... da go haresva :)

Иностранный Мальчик

Он за спирита сделал столько рампаг,сколько я в своей жизни не делал за все
это время в дота2

Martin Yvan

5:29  = Alche peruano pls xDD

Chelsea Adel


seba rodriguez

"tres coraxones no jodas ps ptmre"

-un peruano culiao

Yodoshi Nokakera

Жесть, мой рекорд 65 к 12 на спектре, но этот шторм божественен


That was awesome 3:17

Wave Blazer


Gabriel Renold

Maybe we should report dendi for playing too good right?

Сергей Алешин

Сейчас лучший шторм это Sumail


i miss you old storm

Dup Step

респект Дэнди красава!

Jooyoung Kim

The legend

king kong

я на фантомке играл 40 к 2 но 56 к 2 это нормально?

richelle jipus

onlly in pub

Mark Rabino


llama nut

Green sf ult?

mateo reino

Nothing impressionant.

Artem Kolosov

zzzero player

Kamael CoC

omg ss

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