Battlefield 4 SweetFX ON/OFF Comparison

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  • Автор: Chronic Gaming 4K

    4K option in Youtube looks the best! Recorded with Dxtory on 3770K and 780ti. SweetFX enhances the quality of the game by adding anti-aliasing, vibrance, and sharpening.

    In the video I am using a modified version of K-putt'e preset.

Chronic Gaming 4K

Never going back

Rianna Magee

Hell no it sucks without sweetfx

Atifex the Beardbarian

do you have the preset shared anywhere? or is this one already listed on
the sweetfx site?


quick question ! What song did you use ??
Nice video btw , nice comparison


how do i get sweetfx

CaLu Millonario


Fan-Made Game Trailers



do you get banned for useing sweet fx?


Holy crap O.o i've got to use sweetFX O.o.
That's insane :D


I subbed :)


How do i put sweet fx on and off while in-game ?


What is your sweetfx settings? Can u upload the file for us with your
configurations? Or tell us what you did turn on? :)

Sam Fischer

Can you send me the present....


You could atleast share your configuration settings. :)

Edit: I've found his configuration for you guys.

In the video he is using a modified version of K-putt'e preset that is
popular over at <-works
fine on Windows 7 & 8 x64

Isaac “Kinggadinosaur” Skelton

It really brings out that nice gold color!!!

Christian Landmann

Hey i have a question. Can i somehow use sweetfx the shaders and so but not
the AA? I want to use msaa out of the game. Can i do that?


Beautiful. To me it seems BF4 has less color than BF3. Specifically that
depth that BF3 had. It's almost diluted in BF4 at times. Like someone added
some water to a dye. The color is there, but it's not as deep and full


Even if its just color correction and smaa, it looks SO much better.

The Evenger

wow, makes the game actually look colorful!


Done a manual install of sfz how do I turn on off in game?

MoNk As LuCk

so buityful

MoNk As LuCk

good song


how much of a performance dorp do you get, im playing bf4 at high/ultra 80


+Chronic Gaming 4K
can you pleeeassse upload the SweetFX you are using, they look fantastic A+
almost as good as Crysis
Liked and Subscribed.


how do i toggle it on? i tried  scroll lock but its not working.. im using
64bit injector

Florin Musetoiu

Why do people like more saturation and contrast is beyond me ... just look
at movies ... you won`t see such a thing ..


this version of sweetFX des not work on 64 bit win 7, it crashes all the
time. The only one version of sweeFX  that is working on 64bit + win 7 is
by Boulotaur

Sufiyan Khan

+Anurag Nag


Very nice done! The vid is perfectly synchronised with the music, wich
improves the atmosphere. Perfect Job!

O'Niel Crooks

nice song dude

Frank Potter

Just adds more color and contrast. Its hard on your eyes so no thank you.


To be honest, it looks better when off, I think it's too much color

MoNk As LuCk


ClipsDOT TeeVee

SweetFX is the greatest mod ever made.


SweetFX is overrated. It's not some magical tool to drastically change how
a game looks. It's just colour correction and some post-FX.

Jules Hancock

Looks great off. Looks like Candy Land when on.

HardwareBaum aka. BaumArtz

SweetFX ist einfach zu bunt, ich finde Battlefield 4 geh

BFE Edits

This would be a lot better if you could change the settings differently for
each map. Like for maps with a lot of green and blue you could up the
saturation and maps with a lot of grey brown or desert maps could be a
little less saturated. This could make it feel more realistic.

ENG Dyna

Hi, I'm using BF4 (x64) and SweetFX just isn't working, So I download BF4
SweetFX Win8_1 64Bit, put all files into the root of Battlefield 4
directory. Download your updated K-putt'e preset, and put that in the root
directory too?

Darth Kio

Tell me plz, if I installed it, can I got ban or loose acc ?
Is it legal to use it?

Nedks 11

Please say what song this is!

Ryan-PC vibrance setting in nvidia control panel does much the same

Niclas Pettersson

Nvidia Digital Vibrance - does it better, and keeps you away from
Onlinegame bans.

Derek Furst

I can accomplish this same effect by turning up the saturation...

the sweet fx tool is extremely useful for modifying lighting effects, but
with this game its wasted. It only really shines on game like gta 4 and
skyrim etc

hans hadiranto

much better using LG monitor true color isnt ? :3

hans hadiranto

I think sweet fx suite for LCD monitors, because LCD monitors a little bit
washout colour than the LED

Dian Dimitrov

Is sweetfx dropping the FPS?


What button can ON/OFF in game ? real time ?


God damn it, the sad music :(


absolutely beautiful music, thanks :)

blaster Ryan

win 7 ?


1:45 my god the trees :o

devasis kumar

imagine witcher 4 with these graphics


Still has the gross yellow tinge.


Are you allowed to use this in mp or can you get banned?


where to put that file that i download?


Battlefield just looks so flushed without Sweetfx

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