Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Headset For PS4 Unboxing

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  • Автор: NC Ghosts

    The Ultimate Audio Advantage

    Get the ultimate audio advantage with this new PS3 PS4 headset featuring BassImpact technology. Feel the sound with 7.1 virtual surround sound and BassImpact triggered pulses, delivering an unprecedented level of immersion while sharpening your perception on the battlefield. Detect the footfalls of approaching enemies before you see them, or experience the jolt of every fiery explosion. The hidden noise-cancelling microphone keeps you in crystal-clear contact with your teammates. Quick access controls and preset modes are optimized for gamers. Additionally, connect with your PS Vita or your mobile device on-the-go.

    Surround Sound

    7.1 virtual surround sound lets you hear the enemy before they see you.


    BassImpact triggers pulses in the earpads that let you feel the sound, delivering an unprecedented level of immersion or sharpening your perception on the battlefield.


    Preset sound modes optimized for select gaming genres, movies and music.

    PULSE-Elite Edition Manager (PEM)

    The PULSE-Elite Edition Manager (PEM) allows owners of the PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset-Elite Edition to download new audio MODES to their Pulse headset. The new Modes not only add BassImpact to the new Game, Movie, and Music genres, but in some cases, they alter the sound profile of the original score to emphasize certain sounds in order to deliver the optimal audio experience. The PULSE-Elite Edition Manager can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

Sora Kingdom

Whats the name of the charger

Nicholas Gan KC

I love this headset, they sound amazing.

Ulises Rangel

can you Bluetooth to a cellphone?


will this headset working for PC right ?

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