Fallout New Vegas: How to get Power Armor NCR WITHOUT POWER ARMOR TRAINING

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  • Автор: ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Where to find NCR Power Armor (can be worn with no training)!

    Another Method to get the NCR Armor/Anti Material Rifle:

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haje hutch


Crispy Duck

Thanks that was great you're amazing at what you do

Gavin Williams

for me the guy just walked around me

knight westcoast

opens console commands types kill and done

Louis Philippides



Interesting method, but I prefer just using a silenced sniper rifle.

Or console commands if you can.


In my opinion, the real Power Armor is 100% better than this piece of crap

sweg mcBallin

hail ceasar




Enclave remnants ftw

sweg mcBallin

don't you need to be lvl 15-20 for them to spawn


Thank you, I can just sell the stuff that I get, thanks a lot!

Dylan Chandres

Can't you just punch them and let your follower kill them?

francisco vargas

Fallout 4 who excited (^o^)/(/•


That framerate, how does he play with that


I think the Genosagi will disagree on slowest murder. Took twelve years
with a spoon. But that is and interesting method I never thought of!

Joshua “Vigil” Hamilton

or another method is the gain their trust and get the key to their safe
house which has both armors in it as well as some guns

Lars Jensen

ESO why are you don't make guides for fallout 3?

scout oconner

I do a faster way, I just sneak attack a person that's alone and it doesn't
count against me most of the time. Just make sure to kill them in one hit
or they get made.

ARX Gaming

can you post gameplay for once? love the vids


Elite Riot Gear FTW!

Isaac AwesomePants

You murderer! Pushing people off cliffs!

luka tosic

heavy troper s death position wa like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Nicholas _

wtf was the swimming around in mid air thing someone tell me

Diego Garcia

eso can you make a vid about which perks to get and which to ignore

viktor dyrby

you can sneak up on the veteran ranger and use the silenced sniper rifle
(from the black maountain DLC)
and then just shoot them in the head.
its a lot easyer and you do not lose reputation.

Sonny Natalino (Genexsis)

I used this armor so much when i was a low level

Zack Gaming

bro ur Mic cuts out sometimes

C Robinson

What good is the armor if it can't save you from dropping off a cliff?


Lol, completely ridonculous. Subbed.

misterknifeguy mkg

lol that's so cheap!

Triston Dady

how do you get 10000025 carry weight

Jacket The Rock Hard Cock

So it's a set of "power armor" that doesn't require power armor training,
has reduced weight and damage threshold, and a -2 agility penalty, 3/10 -
The Rock Hard Cock


Do Bozar dude!


Hallo eso, love your vids! Keep up the good work.
Will you do a series/gameplay of fallout 4?
If yes I think everyone will be looking forward to it

Enclave Soldier

crossbow assassin build? anyone know any?

Julian Parks

Make a video of how to get Christine's sos cilenced rifle

Random Gamer

he just broke the laws of physics


Alternatively you can snipe them with the ratslayer and armor piercing
rounds to only agro the one enemy who's armor you want if you kill them
while hidden I'm pretty sure that you don't lose reputation.

Josh Voelkner

I just use a stealth boy implant and the pistol from the honest hearts dlc
(forgot its name) then you sneak up behind anyone in the game and wait
for.it to go to hidden you can kill anyone in the game without losing rep
as long as you 1 shot them

G. Gibson

fuck that, i didn't even want that armour, it's cool, not even mad

Luke Fearnley

What the fuck is with all this flying and shit XD


Actually there's a reason for that you don't need power armor training. The
ncr removed the machinery from the power armor they got from the


Can't find a cliff? Well why not just use a barrel


you know you could sneak kill them and it would be a lot faster

Levin Bauer

Do these NCR troopers at Forlon Hope respawn?

Colin K

Hi eso have you Played oblivion? maybe you can Do some Videos on it.

saulius po

isn't just using stealth boy and planting grenade in there pocket easier?

Alpha Dog

Thank u so much


Enclave Power Armor > BoS Power Armor > NCR Power Armor


Shameless ad for my Fallout4 Giveaway on my let's play check it out! Gets
much better as it goes on

Booker Dewit

I've played this game for so many years and pushed so many around with that
method but I never even thought of doing that to get the special armors.
This is awesome.

Punchline Gaming

Do more skyrimmmmm

Max Z

Another bug abuse by spamming talk and pushing NPC's. Will he ever do a
video that doesn't include abusing bugs one day?

Bridge Thompson

To funny


Hmm, I think you can drop lots of dynamite near one of the soldiers and
them shoot it. If the soldier dies from the explosion, you won't be
considered an attacker and could safely loot the body. This needs to be
checked though.

BA Arctic

could you do a video on how to get the pimp-boy 3 billion : ) :) :)

Manuel Rangel

We're is the skyrim game play

Penguin Blue aka cody

Um eso can you do fallout 3 tutorials


like if you're watching in 2005

Gaming One Oh One

Fist weapons are silent. They won't know you killed anyone. This can be
done at camp golf.

Interesting Ghuy

Can you please help me on skyrim? I can't find fortify enchanting
enchantment and If I search it on YouTube it just shows the fortify
restoration glitch


Now Boone and I will be unstoppable!!

Luis Catain

why dont you use the christine's cos silencer rifle instead its more easy


I didn't find any NCR ranger with that armor when i went there. What gives?


I just hate that its a disguise and any enemy of the NCR will attack you on
sight if you're wearing that armor :(

Bob Stickman

Isn't that the Infiltrate Template?

sid trilok

This actually worked quite well for me...
Also eso did you make a video on skyrim on how to use enchanting to have
practically unlimited magicka? I distinctly remember one but can't find it.

mikel goethe

hey I found another unique weapon down in Cottonwood Cove there's a small
two story building the top door reads Aurelius of Phoenix the weapon is an
unarmed pair of dog tag gloves called recompense of the fallen

Just thinking maybe you could do a video on it if you haven't already I've
been watching your videos all day finding unique weapons and I didn't see a
video for this anywhere

As always great video eso you help a lot of us out and we appreciate it


if im not mistaken you should be able to drop a stick of dynamite by
someone and shoot it , it doesnt mess with your rep or karma so its another
way of safely killing an npc


This isn't power armor. This is un-powered armor.


oooooorrr using the console by pressing " ` " and click the npc that u want
to kill and type " kill " :D ez

Tomas Carrino


NCR Veteran Ranger

Does it count as faction armor?


Wow I will 100% use this method. Thanks ESO

No Name

The guy won't spawn I'm level 12 and only a regular armored soldier spawns.
Can anyone help.

No Name

The guy won't spawn I'm level 12 and only a regular armored soldier spawns.
Can anyone help.


were is the NCR heavy trooper?

Shia LaBeouf

Hey ESO, I know you find secerts, good/rare weapons/armor on Skyrim and
Fallout New Vegas. I've had Skyrim for a while and you really helped me
out. I recently got the GOTY Editions of Fallout NV and 3. I noticed you
don't have an guides for Fallout 3. Is there no special armor or weapons in
Fallout 3? Or is there another reason you don't have Fallout 3 guides?

DerpyFish 01

Where do I find the veterans? I can't find them in that camp. But at the
same time I haven't discovered the dam yet...


There only trooper not ranger....


Um. what happens when the heavy troopers dont spawn or the ncr with riot

Ben Maloney

what lvl?

Tamara Palmer

Your a badass

shpee gaming

At the 188 trading post there Will spawn salvage power armour on the 1 and
only guard there IF ur High enough level

Sebastan Olave

I am vilified I don't know how to gain their trust without then shooting
me.please help

Nooby Finn

thx i got my first power armor in the game

Tommy D

every time I tried to push him off the 2nd mountain, he teleported away so
I just blew him up with the fat man


Is there like a certain level that you need for the heavy NCR and rangers
to spawn?


I didn't find the power armour guy there

Appaloosa Hill

This is easy kill a NCR heavy trooper

DRagoNSLayr Ps3

can't u just sneak and kill em with a sniper

DRagoNSLayr Ps3

can't u just sneak and kill em with a sniper

Rex GameZ

1:42 no that movie trailer of the spoon was the slowest /./

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