Dota 2 - Na`Vi Dendi plays Ember Spirit (Mid lane)

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    Dota 2 - Na`Vi Dendi plays Ember Spirit (Mid lane)


pls activate creep stats so I can see how he compares to others. anyway
subbed keep it up


Carry lina pretty sick too

raptor theok

0:13 genius lol

clif fernando

why he dropped his arcane boots many times? dont understand...can someone
explain it

Keepo Hdee

wtf are there settings? if you gonna upload replays to youtube atleast get
a decent pc ffs

ivan marinov

Thus can't be Dendi im sorry

Tintin Chicbom

Dat lina omg

Melbourne Pajo

how can i he can see heroes in the map even in the fog??? Map Hack


omg this game looks so ugly


Watching a pro team fight is like watching a synchronized swimming team.


Fake as hell this some public match bs


Dendi was clearly impressed by carry Lina by often looking at her build.
Most people don't know the potential of her fiery soul. Not saying this is
better than a conventional carry but with ataack speed (in this game the
guy got from mask of madness) is amazing. When i do carry Lina i normally
build a manta after phase but it can vary. You guys should try because its

Jason Zhou

he should have gotten more points in flame guard because morphling was
instantly removing it with his q

Jason Zhou

dendi wouldn't have gotten mana boots and desolator that is scrub build


sex ward at the start


Noob here, why does he keep dropping the mana boots then picking them up?


how does one get dota to look like this?

RaniX B

This is too awesome.

Samat Maiorov

Нави сейчас отстой слабаки особенно гоблак

Wilfredo gutierrez castillo

lina ez

tony perez

why desolator in ember ?

Andrey Oliveira

i like dendi and stuff but no offence he plays a shit ember lmao

Black Smile

0:14 wtf that ward O_o

bingo dmokafarm

dendi is my idol

Pen Expers

Never played Ember Spirit but I really want to, he looks a lot of fun, I'm
looking at a bunch of people playing him to start understanding him before
I tried dipping my hand in. I mostly got what happened in this, but one
question: How'd he travel to the remnant without looking at it?



Alvin Yakitori

How can i make my minimap icons look that big?

Tribal fitt

how do these guys know where invoker sunstrikes.. i mean they keep dodging
at the right moment??

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