Dota 2 Purge plays Dazzle (replay)

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  • Автор: PurgeGamers

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    Dazzle is one of my favorite heroes because he's able to play very aggressively, despite having skills centered around saving and buffing your allies.

    You can play more or less aggressively depending on the game, but this was a better game to play defensively, partly because our gold disadvanged forced me to play safe, and partially because of the heroes I was dealing with(techies, Lesh, BS) who Dazzle is, in some ways, weak against.

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Abbas- Tv


Youssef TIRAFI

Dazzle, finally ! Great Job Purge as always


This was a replay commentary of a Dazzle game, and we played against
Bloodseeker and Techies, so if you're having some trouble dealing with
those heroes this might be good to learn a bit!

thunderthor10 lol

I'm glad that you started to put replay on the title :)

Nugroho W.

22:28 the game

Halfpoisoned HQ

DotaBuff review ends at 21:05 for all that would like to skip that.


"If you don't like Dazzle, I think you're wrong. It's that simple."
-Purge 2015

Joshua Winstead

I prefer watching this in 144p.  You should only upload in this res.

The Dude

played about 20 games this week and about half of it played with or against
techies D:


Tuskies, legit name for the tusk-techies combo




also solar crest is far more important than aghanims


Lmao that face at 1:13:44

Rifaee Ismail

Really loving the consistent video uploads Purge! Keep it up.

Teddi P

Dazzle: if played right, the primo counter initiation hero.

Counter initiation is ALWAYS better than just regular initiation.


purge needs to do separate vids of the time wasting in the dotabuff

Jeremy Cassidy

Which mmo was it that you played? Entertaining and informative video, as

Crackers (PhD in Wumbology)

Purge, as a Dazzle player, Poison Touch is by far your best offensive
ability. If you stack it with Urn for 410 damage, along with your right
clicking, shallow grave, and Weave, you can easily outperform almost any
hero in a solo conflict.

Sinom Irneja

I think if Dota buff had a graph of win rate in relation with farm. it
would be actually useful to find ought how much emphasis farming on every
hero needs.
I wanted to suggest this to them but I'n not certain how to contact them.

Kojuni Halliwell

The part where you talked about the double dip of heal nukes reminded me of

burak gozukara

Can someone PLEASE tell me what he says at the introduction of his videos,
i really wanna know haha

Dustin Brown

That enemy lineup is so fuckin dirty. Literally all scum.

Juan Felipe

solar crest>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dazzle aghs


Shaker fissures Kreygasm


when graving people especially in pubs where there are 4 hard carries in
your team and you're the only support, its hard to choose who to grave
because you will get slammed hard no matter who you grave
"no grave me? gg report pls"

Wajih Jaroudi

"earthshaker didn't lollygag"

Matthew Saylor

Why was axe not on the bad verses section? Good disable and makes grave
useless. Maybe because he utilizes blink and dazzle can cancel?

Melvin Ismanto (AlienScavenger)

42:00 dafuq is that earthshaker doing ?

Chris C

Purge, thank you for the recent replay commentaries. The intros with dota
buff are extremely helpful.

Samuel Davis

Do you think glimmer cape is just a good item to have on supports because
it seem to have fallen out of favour


Played Dazzle for the first time ever. One of my Favorite Supports now :o


it's so funny when people get killed by walking over mines, techies is a
running joke

Xecret Shop

wtf purge where is TA gameplay zzzz

Xecret Shop

38:00 is the worst play of a support. Support should not run away when team
mates are fighting. Thats why purge didnt manage to land a single heal or
shallow grave. Nob purge


+PurgeGamers if you're gonna have a 15+minute pre-game discussion could you
put an annotation to skip to the draft?


Has Purge ever played a game with/against slahser?

Gordon Freeman (Kengo)

I've been trying to play dazzle in my solo queue when i need to support.
this was pretty helpful, thanks breh


TY purge, much appreciated!


I think dazzle is weak against undying because decay reduces max hp due to
str. loss.  healing wont really help if their max hp is significantly
reduced due to decay spam str steal.  This is esp. in the early game.


PPPPuuuuurggeee why did you spoil at 47 mins??? Now there'll be no more
tension for meeeee!!!

asish mogadala

i really liked the in depth analysis at the start of this game....of each

Justin Wilson

I like how Purge is finding a niche by giving a huge amount of detailed
information in his guides. Way different from what you find in other

yoon eui kyeong

can i add you, purge?


Nice video. Guys check out this game for android, all
about dota!

Raggon Raggon

"Goos against heroes that want to salve" - Purge. Is he talking about

The Pancakerizer

Has anyone ever heard someone use the word "flustered" except for Purge?

Inferno Ng

1:11:30 earthshaker killing earthshaker effigy. Reality is crumbling.


I wish Poison Touch gets rescaled somehow, it feels fairly weak on early

sejdinowsKy w3xy

Do you have zeus,lifestaler,am,bh,invoker,night stalker,riki,rubick or
shadow demon stream/replay in plan ? I think u havent played that heroes
for a while.. good game by the way :)

Don Wooser

somehow dazzle is my worst hero with 30% even tho i like to play him


Heroolo everybody this is purge bringing you a {{{{{{{{{{{{{ ALLLHU ARKBAR

Randolph Johnson

you should try glimmer cape on dazzle it works pretty well. (if you are
having trouble with axes, bloods, pl's, Trolls, and pas)


Best starting items: wards, tangos, iron wood branches ( always get a

Lane phase: wand, wards, boots(if you got the money either get arcane's and
or phase's. Also if someone gets a mek get the urn. If someone has the urn
and the mek get the guard boots because it stacks with mek)


best items on dazzle( if its a long game get at least two of these items:
solar crest, glimmer cap, Pipe of Insight , and  or guard boots, (if
someone on your team does not have drums get that other wise get the euls
or force staff so u can run like hell!)


Now if you are doing to well and or u are the semi carry get items:Orchid,
deso, Scythe of Vyse, and or Maelstrom. (One can also say necro book and or
a dagon...... if you are doing very well and want to have fun sure get
dagon all day... but don't do it. The necro book if you are doing to well
and or u are fighting techies and riki)

items that work well but you may not see:
(Lotus orb works well with grave and can help your team kill the nukers
that are killing your carry and keep the relfect the stuns and disables
when your carry's bkb is down)

(blood stone: yes a very expensive item but its active can turn a losing
fight to a win. do not get this shit if you don't have your must haves)

(blade mail: this is item you will never see but works well if you are the
one getting focused down in the fight, grave as long as there is no axe
will turn your ass in to a tanking monster... for only a few seconds but
with blade mail you are reflecting damage back at them... its a big fuck
you to people that look at you like a bag of gold)

(vlads: praise the shadow lords of the sun it gives life steal to range
heroes now
. If you got the gold and are doing well and want to help your team out
more get this shit. IT gives armor, 15% passive damage, mana regea n, and
fucking life steal if you no one on your team has this and there is already
a mek and a urn get this)

In the end you will more than likely you will be a ward bitch so all the
stuff above you would like to buy.... yeah you will only be able to get 2
of them. Most of the time you will have dust and wards on you for the most
part. But good luck dazzle players and dazzle on.

Tam Anon

I'm really enjoying the recent videos. Something about the way purge has
been talking feels very real like he's enjoying himself more.

"That little bastard hit me" or when he goes "hollyyy shit" and laughs - I
guess it's a little less professional than he normally is but something
about is much more human and enjoyable.


Pre-game pick analysis begins at 21:20


28:12 Whip of Doom!!!

Jack Jones

why always techies....

Emilio Nagy Gyuris

Sup Purge, just in case you happen to read this random comment, it would be
nice to watch a Tusk replay, since his popularity has undeniably increased
lately, and he's a really interesting hero.


Game starts at 22:28 (in case you wanna skip the dotabuff part).


What MMO have you played?


shadowblade techies, that attack speed <3


0:35 Hear that, SirActionSlacks? You're wrong!

Francois Hamel

really like the new way you do your videos, explaining in dept


I usually like to get manaboots cause I span the ult a lot, I also preffer
getting a glimmer cape before the solar craest and then blink dagger or
maybe aghs, cause its pretty cool to give the enemy team like -40 armor

Grizzly Gaming

Do some more Purge casts a pub please! Preferably in the sub 1000k mmr
bracket. Episode 17 best episode ever...


Anyone else having issues with audio on purge's videos?  I can play other
videos not by purge fine, but all of his videos don't have sound for some

Noah Gordon

Lol "Tuskar"

Boshi Yoshi

How does the Techies put the mines exactly on each other like at 30:28.

Nick Eckhart

Techies +  Tusk = Teskies
Confirmed by purge!


Why don't Blitz and Purge play together anymore?

Hiperdude Lolz

I play good on supports,but dazzle for me is just feed!

Hiperdude Lolz

you are always explaining what abilities do but when its time for more
complex mechanic you end your guide.1st grade over and over and over again!


People expect too much from a Dazzle, you can't be there to save their life
every time someone is out of position. And when you do get a good grave off
it's just expected. No one appreciates how difficult it is to be a good


Whenever I play Dazzle I heal and heal my carry and can't even leave for
stacking and he still dies... I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I kinda
hate playing supports in general because of that. ^^"

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