Dota 2 Purge plays Legion Commander (replay)

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  • Автор: PurgeGamers

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    Legion Commander is a fine hero for pubs and ranked, but she's in a bit of a weird spot in competitive, often only being selected rarely as an offlaner, or to counter a 1v1 hero like Broodmother.

    If you put her either mid or offlane, though, I think she's a decent hero(in pubs). In the pro scene, it's very difficult to get duels off because people don't make nearly as many mistakes, and a Legion Commander without duel damage would much rather be a different hero.

    BUT IF YOU GET THE DUELS, you can transition into a very strong hard carry with the right items.

    The items you need are : mobility(blink or shadow blade, then a Black King Bar, then survivability(AC or Heart or Armlet). Afterwards, whatever you need.

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Dimitrija Timeski

Notice me senpai, Im firsty.


Legion commander, pretty fun in pubs, fairly terrible in competitive!


Man I love playing LC :D


Hey, you wanna know something awesome!?

Read the second word.


black screen ):

Sinom Irneja

you know what, she is not a female! that poor thing is a transgender, and
not a normal transgender, one who has been force to change his sex. I know
what he suffers.


first but i'll be back for 1080


Dota Buff ends at  8:20


Good stuff!


Brace yourselves, people complaining about video quality are coming.

Md Samiul Huq

Can anyone tell me what's on the screen @4:20?




Needs more P's! 360 is a bit low :)

Rifaee Ismail

That simple 'r' in 'replay' is messing with my head. :X

Caio Rodrigues de Oliveira

WHY ONLY 360P???

Oscar Perez

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Dazzle tomorrow. Can we get a tusk game too?

Noise TS

and the episodes of dd turning into bounty continue


Yiieeeelo Purge this is Everybody.


cant wait for night stalker

Noise Creep

game starts at 10 mins into the video. ur welcome


"purge have mercy" lol

Yaniv Ezra

Remember you had a BS that's why u saw him

Marcelo Henrique

Also bad against Tiny because craggy exterior. :D

Interstellar tramp

AYY mai waifu played by mai waifu


Your damage with the mkb at the end lol


I like how it says his time played this month is 88 years and 37 days and
total time played is 5725 years


Hey +PurgeGamers jc, if in ability draft, say you got berserker's call, if
you also got moment of courage and counter helix, would they both be able
to proc? Or would this just be a terrible idea


wouldnt daedalus have the biggest synergy with lc ult late game ? just
asking because i i really could not decide whether abyssal or daedalus
would give more dps. i would prefer both of them to mkb and only go mkb if
needed like in this game against wr. btw lc with aghs would be a good
techis counter (but also a lost item slot)

nahh nah

Hey purge, can you do some outworld devourer replay analysis.  He is rarely
played these days i think hes pretty fun.


Is there a league of legends version of purge? Hes so knowledgeable and I
love his commentary!

intoxicated cow gaming

i honesty cant believe that most popular skill build, its so bad it hurts.
im a dota noob and even i know that.


if i had a desolator i would have killed their wards more rapidly -Purge


Nice Bloodseeker! Rupture the guy that is under duel, very good.

carl powelson

Match begins at 9:23


I always go attack speed fucking mania on LC + Deso & BKB. Like now (when I
get the farm that is) I go treads, blink, deso, maelstrom/BKB, ~the other
item~, AC, mjollnir and finally I eat a moon shard. (Oh and of course BoTs
when you're winning). BKB can get delayed if they don't really have good
disable, and when they have a lot of physical output I get AC after deso.

And with mjollnir shield + duel you can get a lot of those lightning procs.

joel jackson

+PurgeGamers  Looking at your item build at 50:32, I'm happy to say this is
pretty much what i build most games, except for the blink, which i would
probably have built this game (for tinker). Normally i go shadow blade
because i can then build silver edge, which I like as a late game item, as
it really helps versus anyone with a good passive or two (PA/Void for their
dodges, Void/Slardar/SB for their bashes etc.) and there tends to be at
least one target worth breaking in every game. Also versus PA, that last
item (once you have Silver Edge, BKB, AC, Heart and maybe BoT's) doesn't
have to be an MKB. Admitedly, in this situation here with Laser, Windrun,
and Bfly being a decent pickup for Drow (admittedly not with how bad her
farm is, but if the game went on longer then perhaps) then even if the
blink was a silver edge, MKB would be the correct last item.


Purge fulfills his words yaay

mustafa avkaya

does purge upload games that he lost?


Skip Dotabuff - 8:25

Rai Yoo

Your mechanical plays are trash. No wonder you can't play puck storm voker
meepo that well

CauseToWin HD

The DotaBuff part is pretty helpful and your commentary and gameplay are


36 HP!!!

general binks

the worst techies huh, im pretty sure that one goes to the one i had in my
game today.
I played Rubick support, ended up stealing mines and getting 2 Rampages in
one game. (im 3.1k mmr, so just in the general skillrange of dota)

Dustin Brown

Jesus. That's one powerful LC.


Finally a LC video! I knew you were gonna do that stupid offlane strat. LC
offlane sucks so much. You only pulled it off, because you are a much
higher skill player than your opposition. I love you Purge(no homo) but the
way you play LC really pisses me off. First you nuke the hero in creepwave,
than when there is no creeps you blink in and duel. Yes you do a lot of
damage, but you would do more if you blink into the creepwave and duel with
enemy creeps around you. Also you kill the creeps before you rightclick
their towers. I mean, really? Anyway, thanks for all the videos. Love you!
(no homo) :D

Past LeVeL 1

Anyone want to watch a 24 bloodstone leshrac gameplay and tutorial? On my
channel if ur interested. Anyway bye!

Pen Expers

Legion Commander is basically the epitome of a snowball carry - If she gets
a bunch of duel victories she's freakin' insane, but if she doesn't she's
just kinda shit.

Too much of a gamble to ever be viable imo - She needs some sort of
viability outside of duel to really be a top pick. But she is a lot of fun
to play regardless.


52:46 "it was an honor to get destroyed by purge" :D


i dont know why purge doesnt kill the very low health creeps when he
jungles, he takes so much unnecessary damage


Somebody tell this Rai yoo kid to stfu

Baby Starfish

625 damage... Fuck.

Prince Blake

Lmao, 600+ dmg. Yeah that's a stomp

vaibhav shrivastav

Just so u knw..
I really really appreciate your videos!!!


I haven't played Dota in years, but I think if I did start again I'd give
legion commander a try. I like snowballing ganking heroes, and she wasn't
around when I used to play Dota.

chilly falcon

Funny how Razor isn't in the bad against part, that hero is definitely the
one hero you never want to be within melee range for 5 seconds.

Aryan Kabir

PLS do phantom assasin vid :/

The Jerol

purge u fckin suck

Coman Andrei

Worst example of lc game ever. Game played against a noob techies, best
hero to duel. if i played a game like this, and techies would be decent, i
would be scared like hell to go roam like purge did.


Hey man !!!! Please play SHADOW DEMON !!! I really don't know how to play
this hero !!!

A&A Dota

Парни, чекните мой канал, играть начнете лучше :) спасибо заранее


in pubs this hero is op

patrick susulin

just a random thing did you know that a salve in dota  1 can actually
protect you from single target spells?

Mike wasauski


gravity junior

plz purge an invoker video would be great


I was wondering - Does the killing spree status(killing spree, dominating
etc) affect the gold opponents get if you're killed MORE than the actual
amount of kills?

Amit Kumar

So let me clear this out !
Viper who can fly has Low Movement Speed - 285;
LC who only walks has pretty good Movement Speed - 320 ! !

wp valve Logic ! Ty ! :)


So much great content being posted lately by Purge. Really appreciating it.


Kinda forgot to mention that it's not Oracle's ult that makes him counter
LC, but the 6 second disarm she can't purge during her duel.

Noor Ameen

Legion comander game i played

Xecret Shop

+PurgeGamers pls do a Templar Assassin. Im noob at that hero and wanna
learn from u. Ty.


Haha that pub build XD Why would you level up your only nuke first at lvl

Br&ed One

Radiant picks sucks pretty hard imo. Like there is no way any of those
heroes can get out of duel alive.

Sam Nang

He play about a week ago Week ago


Purge, you've stepped up your game with the dotabuff and commentary
recently! Good job


Bless you, Purge, for mentioning the awful bad skill build and how bad
jungling LC is. I'm pretty sure I'll still be seeing jungle LC a lot


Game begins at 8:24 (the start of the replay)


shitty Drow player

Teddi P

In safe lane, I'd probably get a midas after brown boots and skip the


Errbody stealing Purge's kills.


Does anyone have problem with sound in Purges videos ? Even when I turn up
YT, speakers and win volume all I can hear is Purge whispering ...  other
videos on YT are fine, just this channel

Owen Cadwallader (oshowott26)

This just shows how bad of a hero drow is


Guys tell me does the MKB work wile you were lasered?

Frederik Hesseldahl Havemann

32:10 Thirst?

Jan Brudna

I usually don't go a dmg items on a LC, because she gets alk of the dng
from duels basically. It maybe sounds weird, but I go a Treads + Blink and
then either a Maelstrom into a Moonshard or BKB into a Moonshard, cuz
Moonshard on her is so fucking good.

Angelo Laratta

he said play like he was a baritone XD ahahah Go in theathers dude XD


"If you are playing against anyone remotely competent"
Well, I guess I can ignore this advice.

Elliot Forbes

You saw the techies cos the pulse nova of Leshrac took em below BS thirst
range and you gained true sight

Drhankeey - Epic Music Mixes

Just started playing LC, love this hero. Any tips though what you can do if
you're in a difficult offlane and as a result can't get those early duel
kills? Like prioritizing in damage items like desolator after you've gotten
blink (and bkb if you're in a stun heavy team)?

Elijah Allen

0:00 - 0:09 I played this game ABOUT A WEEK AGO, WEEK AGO!


very fun hero but just doesn't cut it against top heroes , especially if
the game isn't going well. She needs a little buff like her ulti removing
passive's again. She really needs something.

Bobby Smith

"I don't have a tp but I do have 3k hp"


+PurgeGamers seen the trick where if you lotus orb your target the winner
gets double duel damage, do you think its worth getting lotus orb on lc?
The regen and armor is nice too

Danny Roth

Thank you for adding if it's a stream or a replay. Though I like both, I
learn more from the replays and prefer to watch those with more attention
than the streams.

cagdas g

Ne kadarda damage atan bi erkek


Isn't LC safe lane good?


Why did this match took so long to finished? You've farmed too much in this
game even tho you have BKB to save your arse.


how you quickly sell the items without rightclicking them?


That insane damage! It's like you have 2 divine rapiers instead of your
hands :D


Is her viable as a support?


What ELO is Purge now?

Bugs Broly

Just starting Dota 2, but Idk if Legion Commander is a good starting hero.

Tyson Dent

How do we know pheonix isn't a female strength hero?

Sylvester Pedersen

i really enjoy playing LC, is it able to climb the rankings? im only at
like 2200 MMR or something, can i get out of that with LC? ^^


About a year ago!


Nice offlane Purge. You were lucky you went against drow solo, but legion
is great counter to drow. Blink+Duel and Markmenship is down. However i
prefer Legion Mid, with OO and PtA he is very durable and can harass

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