Dota 2 Purge plays Silencer - Replay

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  • Автор: PurgeGamers

    Silencer was picked sometimes during TI5 because of his high damage output, sometimes hard countering mid heroes, and his good teamfight presence as a carry because of Global Silence.

    To play him as a core position, you need farm, then to purchase a ganking/kill tool, whether that is a Shadow Blade, or Rod of Atos, then transition into major +int utility items such as Scythe of Vice, Shivas Guard, or defensive items like Force Staff or Mek, but generally you just purchase damage items. Later pick up BkB if needed.

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    Match ID: 1773200506

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Jacob Renteria


Jacob Renteria

only 360 the wait is real now

stefan stefanovich

Damn comment section is silent


yes weiners

adrian rivera

the wait for 1080p beggins


360? wtf


What happened to instant 1080p cause of pre-uploading or something?! DAMMIT


CURSE YOU!!! If you got speakers with bass hooked up to your comp you will
cry every time you hear that. Curse of the silent is great against Leshrac
i think.

Onion Dinner Games

welcome to the 301+ club how tough are ya

The Dude

that puck got shit on so hard its not even funny

Broken Cereal

Uploaded 39 minutes ago and only 720p FailFish Kappa


I like the break aspect of silver edge for pudge games. It's nice ripping
off like 30-40 strength late game from him and being able to burst him down
with a medallion/crest



Vapor Whisp

Game starts at 8:33


IDK why purge thinks phase shift shouldnt avoid damage, its pretty much the
fundamental ability which pucks entire hero survivability is based around,
hero would be trash if abilitys went through it.

Seth Burdette

I like curse of the silent as a back up to last word. When you are chasing
someone (especially early game) last word them and when it pops and they
are still running then curse them. The AOE is pretty big for curse and can
deal that little extra damage you need early game to finish someone off
that can outrun you


Getting stats over Curse of the Silent is so stupid.


why shivas instead of AC ? the extra 55 atack speed does more DPS than the
extra 25 int from shivas


game begins at 8:34

Lord Kelvin

1:06:29 "It also stops Radiance, that's pretty cool."

He says, as he takes Radiance burn from the Spectre.


26:19 Why did Puck suddenly get 1400 gold?


I swear chachi always randoms brewmaster LOL

Aidan Wachhaus

Welcome to the below 1000 club

James Berry

thank you for a GREAT video. i love to play silencer mid and i kind of wish
that you went as a trip support or safe lane because i don't normally see
those and i wanted your opinion but.......thanks for the video. Much love!!
keep up the good work

Noah Gordon

Dam did purge carry his team hard


37:45 FUCK TECHIES its never a waste to fuck over a techies. 10/10 ult
everytime. Fuck techies


Rod is best for skywrath imo


Lmao Silencer hand of midas shadow blade looked exactly like a game I just

Josh Freerks

Would the puck phase shift evasion of last word apply to astral

Gabriel Magalh

Also nice to point out that with Shadow Blade you can search for a hero
that you know that is in a area but not sure exactly where (the enemy
jungle, for example)

Hakop Ekizyan

damnit no 60fps!


Raise your hand if you mistook Purge's mouse pointer for your own.

Cajun Meatball

I think treads are nice because you can get an extra 10 int which is good
damage, but then again, I'm just a pub scrub.

Bean Bag

Purge you can use most invis while channeling tp and it wont break

Dustin Brown

One of the bigger things about Last Word, I think, is the vision it gives
on your target. It makes Silencer impossible to juke unless they use BKB.

Rifaee Ismail

Isn't that the point of Puck's phase shift??

Sebastian Ong

still figuring out why silencer has a lot of silences. Purge's order.


36:30 when talking about silver edge, you forgot one important aspect: *it
gives you a disable*. Maybe weak, maybe unreliable, but still a disable,
which you constantly complained about not having.

Never Say No to Panda

purge I think u should midas the small creep and kill the big one for more

Hapi djus

best enchantress world?

Conan Conan

How about play Nature prophet?


19:56 Purge I really don't think Meepo is going to be there.

Filip Pesic

Damn that 30fps is annoying.. Great video Purge, but, dunno why you went
for 30fps upload tho. :)

axel Kaskinen

play jakiro

general binks

moon shard on SB is the greatest invention ever

Meat Wad

Aghs does not increase the duration of the ultimate anymore.

Marco Onyxheart

PL is also a big counter to Silencer for the same reason that Puck is
except PL is even worse. PL can completely ignore Silencer's abilities by
using his W, and then there's Silencer's lack of good AoE. Against PL,
Silencer is basically a hero that only has an ult, and no other abilities.
It's the hardest counter I know of.


aghs no longer increases duration


Just btw don't have to shift-click your Shadow Blade when you
tp. They have this mechanic that you can always activate invis during
tp...kinda like you can use your Bounty E while tping without canceling it.


Does bloodstone work on silencer, as you die and you can still steal int?

lucas greco

"iiiieeeeeeehello" xD so funy


Every victory against Techies is a victory for humanity.


The advantages aren't big because he's good against almost everyone, so the
matchups don't change a lot.


Being able to dodge last word with very good timing is a good mechanic.

Rayner Rodrigues

them fps drops...


48:38 Platemail would increase your suitability against physical by 60%
only if you had 0 armor before, since you already had 14 armor it would
increase you physical EHP only by ~32%.


Purge, what do you think about orchid on silencer?

joll toll

This guy is just garbage guys he plays unranked and make mega misstakes
only go to chi long qua he is the best fucking dota 2 player this world
have ever seen remember that and actually the funniest dota 2 player this
world have ever seen


still dont understand Last word, that spell will hit you anyways what ever
you do?

Marian Ionescu

The right way to do this is take mid, buy power threads then rush shadow
blade. After that gank gank gank. Next item assault cuirass. Follow up with
items depending on enemy lineup (orchid, force, atos, euls, shiva etc). But
sb and ac rush is the most important.
Got 14 win streak like that so i know what i am saying.
Slahser's way is the best way.

As for skills max 2 and 3 and ulti when possible. Then stats and 1 at the
end... if game goes that long.

Carl Invoker

6:35 look at the number of matches against storm spirit


had the midas about 10 mins longer than he should have...typical high mmr


There really should be a quick message saying 'Techies mines are here' or
something. Then you could ping out the spot

Moritz M

I think the Undying just heard the sound of shadow blade and got scared

Gaute L

Techies at minute 55: "Aaaaah! My miiiines! :((" :D

Mico Sj

That techies was so fucking bad it hurt to watch...


why is the logo of moon duck a earth hippopotamus

Warring God

puck has 550 range and silencer 600 , other way round?

nikko validor

purge confirmed for slahser's way fanstraight

Marco Pura

Puck's name though.


Finish treads?

David Pritchett

so that specter is the coach in the meepo game...... maybe not the best
coach not that i can really talk though.

Asdfdfd Dasfsdafdsfda

purge, did you know you can shadowblade while tp'ing? i didnt see you do it
in this video, so i am just curious. i know it's not a big thing but can
really give you the edge when they dont see you the split second after the
tp finishes.

Samuel Elias Reyes Pe

So enchantress is actually faster than luna....

joel jackson

Purge says lina and silencer are both viable SB builders, and i want to ask
is slark one of them?

Frank Meyer

Hey Purge. I joined your PurgerGamers Dota 2 channel a while ago because I
was hoping to find nice people to play with. I live in Eu west and I am
playing Dota since years. Only problem: EU west is crowded with russians -
so most games are f*cked before they even started. I started asking for
ppl/teams in your channel but no one wants to play they are all just
trading. Any advise? I am so fed up with russian games - can't take it
anymore. But what could I do now?

I just dont want to play with Russian trash anymore they are so bad ...
worst shit on EU west!

Capt. Mytre

Should have got Manta when you sold your Midas, illusions would have done a
huge amount of damage and that would have allowed you to siege the base.

Crysalix Torn

How does that Enchantress, at that level, not have a custom courier? :(


You focus on the gold and xp difference when Spectre bought back, but isn't
wiping the enemy team worth it? Even if it's not worth it for your hero
alone, it greatly benefits your team, hinders the enemy, and makes
objectives easier while they're dead. What needs to happen for a buyback on
Spectre to be worth it for the team, in your eyes?

Nicholas Green

I feel like this was a OK Aghs game :/


The way phase shift and last word interact is that puck completely avoids
all parts of it if he channels his phase shift for the full duration. If he
doesn't and cancels it (by moving e.g.) prematurely, he'll get damaged,
slowed and silenced. Makes no sense and is pretty bullshit but that's how
it works.

Concerning break: There is no mechanic disabling passive item boni anymore,
except for mkb vs evasion. SIlver edge only affects passive skills, mute
only affects active items. Silver edge does not disable radiance.

Richard “Wightyyy” Wight

anyone notice purge always says raising ur attack speed by 45 is 45
percent??? no its just 45 ......he always says percent when its not....yeah
some things increase percentages but not attack speed

lospekes lospokes

this normals game so brain damage

Xecret Shop

Gay build shadow blade lol. U shoulda rush aghanim and get 2 or more levels
of first skill then ur ult would silence do some dmg and drain enemy mana.
its like free EMP.

You just got asianed.

Break doesn't work on items, only hero abilities, not an alternative to

Hanlu Sun

Goblin Techies. Turning 30 minute games into 60 minute games.


Agh's doesn't increase ult duration anymore! :(

Arya Gerami

Purge, the thing about not building silver edge first, I normally build it
on sf as like 2nd big item. I think he benefits from the strength by a
significant amount and it can be a powerful first item against un-co
ordinated teams. What are your thoughts about this?

Jahcoba M

Purge's opinion on silver's edge is pretty much my opinion on guardian
why the fuck would you rush greaves as your first item holy shit.


Early in the game u say treads aren't worth it with the attack speed you
had through other items, but y not upgrade your brown boots to Phase? The
move speed would've been great for u since you went sheep vs an Atos this
game, and the extra dmg is nice.


Spectre is a she?

Sama Poncho

Does SIlver edge stop item passives as well as ability passives?

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