Miracle Super Carry Juggernaut Dota 2

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  • Автор: Top MMR Plays Dota 2


Adrian Cheow

that Lina

Мистер Крейзи

Хеллоу мазафака

Мистер Крейзи

Че за забаганный джаггер?

sophus liljegren

jugg is making me dizzy

Саша Коржан

низкий приоритет

Саша Коржан

низкий приоритет

Junio Akarda

this replay suckss.

Isaias Marcano

-lel 4 apes a 1 zookepper XD
-4 noobs XD


i cant believe how you would fuck this video up with the fucking music you
fucking cocksucker

Hudson Mayat

beyblade \o/

Pham Minh

king of the gods said "mercy pls" lol

John Bravo

THE MUZIC DEAD MAU is a + to Juggs skills xD

Thomas B

wtf happens at 7:45 winter dies.

Kobe Dela Cruz

Just a reply lol.

chen san

that jugg at 10:58 (?) is it bug or what ?

mamemimomu aeiou

10:31 jugg is on drugs

Javier Ruiz Quiles

someone can tell me how to buy smoke not click anything? in min 20:10

ashraf addnan

should buy monkey king bar

Shin Da

Why the fck doesn't zeus, in high ground, just harass him with aa and
abilities? ...

naughty bee555

28:28 noob wyvern.his ulti is the only way that can stop jug from tp-ing
and he wasted it like a mini stun

Filip Mlady

song 1:00 please

David Febryanto

49:31 Dat ember

joao victor Aguade


Yahia Chou

that's how one person wins a game


10:32 Forever spinning Jugg :v

Акула Злая

whats music?


He is clearly very skilled but I disagree with the build. Could have
crushed them much faster. Manta useless, buying a shadow blade just to sell
it later... blink dagger? Refresher???? With Aghs you get a 30 secs
cooldown, so why using a spot and so much money on a refresher when you can
get a butterfly or lifesteal? And if you get a Manta at least pop it
sometimes to farm instead or having it sitting in your inventory without
using it for so long. The only time my team let me go mid with juggs was my
most crushing game. I know it was a lower level, but I won mid against a
sniper just like he did with Zeus and from there you snowball hard and the
enemies carries can't catch up. Blink dagger against ES's third skill can
be quite useless. And Manta can turn against you with ES's second skill
(assuming he has battle fury) and WW's ultimate.

Mc Matteson

Poor Zeus :(

Mc Matteson

15:44 xD

Mike Gil Kim

whats with jugs head..


Can anyone tell me how he picks up the rune at 16:44 with his mouse not
being close to it?

Артур Гаврилкевич

Jug is pretty bad in this game... 39.55 manta,skadi,blink=0 dmg vs backdoor
protection )) Another trash pub =(

Nick Dedov

what is the music

Alcir Carvalho

gratz on carrying that super bad team, gez!



Andre Hm

LOL MMR battle
2-1-2 and no ward =.="
i think this game is 2000 MMR

Guido Toni

lol jugg..

Dead pool

Nise game , is cool :)

Weeaboo .l0rd

Does this 8k mmr actually have decent opponents that play like real 7k-8k?

Fikri Ardiansyah

so many bugs


wtf so many bugs

Matheus Oliveira

What music is this? please..


Am i the only one that notices the cursor moving only up and down in a
straight line ?

dennis dujon

noob dire

Mark Chajev

Phe, shity Zeus and shity allies in team.


4 apes and a zookeper rofl

Kaiser Suyat

How did he get the first bounty rune on the start of the game? his cursor
is not near the rune and he attack ground to get the rune?

Арсений Черкасов

Did he auto attacking


mid, farm, gank
everything look easy when he play ...

adri wicaksono (chuck1z)

Deadmau5 yea...

Luis Becerra

The owner of this channel is Bugsy from Pokemon Crystal? 'cause the bugs of
this vid are all fucked up

Carloz Uribe

consigue otra pc que no buggie tanto

jarz et

whats that in his head??

Otacilio Amato

Replay bugs are real

Juan Miguel Javier

lol wtf orgi mage

Matthew Anonymous

Damn when your playing at a mmr that high everyone is just a bunch of
lifeless nerds, no communication! Even when jugg glitched out no one gave a

Артём Слепухин

guy, check your ram with memtest+86
u got proble with RAM or hdd

mark jalocon

What cour is that?

Angelbert Anasario

fucking bugging

Angelbert Anasario

manta useless passive

Player 1

More Like Juggeryes!!

ricardo gomes marques

15:20 nice cheating, clicking on the ground and the hero stalking on
another place. lol

Angry Skipper

miracle is on drugs. That spin!

Tan Kah Hoe Jeremy

lol i can play better

Tan Kah Hoe Jeremy

fucking fail

Hilmi Gencoglu

"Top MMR Plays Dota 2" MMR ?

Nethon Tan

choiya oi\

Nethon Tan

bag yan or ano ?

pily silupu salazar

.*. pero que .*.


haha~ nice bug

Стас Бицько

gotta love dem replay bugs

Hanna Gomez


Khanh Nguyen

everyone try to carry The Dire but dat fucking retarded 8k


lol this fuckin gryo missle on his head

Fa Vang

man i hate builds like this where they sell like all their mid-game items
for late game. shadowblade into deadalus would be better into sceptor and
abyssal blade. Why skadi when you can crit for 1000+ damage already.

Kevin Phung (

10:35 Unlimited Spin Works

Solo Waggin

is that the de3mouse music pack? Because it really sucks


So many Visual Glitches!


unbalance game, league of legends is better, million time.


classic warcraft 3's blademaster build - windwalk from shadowblade into
Manta ^^

Calvin Nawawi

Whats the song name

Max M.

lvl 0 crit until lvl 8 or something? thats really a waste imo O.o best lvl
1 crit in the game.

Humair Dawood

That early trolling the ZUES hahahahahaha I love this guy <3

Humair Dawood

39:10 troll lvl 1000 :D

Humair Dawood

44:16 OMG! lol unreal.

Alexey Kuvshinov


Nick Gariando

lol forever spinning xD


what music is this? is this the deadmau5 pack?

maksim stankevich

Почему у джаги появилась шляпа после 23 минуты?


noob game

Roger andres Valdivieso


CCC X (littledevil91)

so many bugs on this gameplay

Shardul Paranjape

This is a POV video right? In the very beginning if you notice, when he
clicks on Zeus he can see Zeus' last hits and denies. How?! I've never been
able to see an enemy's (or ally's for that matter) LH/D counts.

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