Na`Vi vs Power Rangers #2 | D2CL S5 (04.03.2015) Dota 2

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Na`Vi vs Power Rangers #2 | D2CL S5 (04.03.2015) Dota 2

Yago Carvalho

Terrible casters, DANM BOIS ARE YOU BLIND????

Steve Holmgren

I'm so sick of Axe... Anyone else?

Sour Goblins

wow what a comeback from game one from navi, nice

Lucas Gilardoni

xboct u suck


report axe lol vanguard 1st..

Emiliano Caruselli

Dendi won this alone more or less. Goblak is terrible, I really don't
understand why they preferred him over fng.


Thanks for the upload, but the announcer/music/effects are way too loud,
can't hear the casters during a fight.

bionEO bLesT

PR... intro boys


maybe its because there are so many, really good casters but i cant help
but think the casters suck


nothing to say about hero support

Uchiha Orochi

who want to make freind

Uchiha Orochi

send me somed id

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