Dota 2 The International 2015 - Group Stage Day 1 - Stream A

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Why lina not refreshed and lothar????

Стив Алмазный


Ali Salman

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Herwin Delos Santos

This is only TI4..

Hiroshi Masumura

maybe one day ill get to watch videos in this channel on 480p :)))))))))

Nicolaj Nielsen

Hello! Im a guy from the same country as the first guy that gets
interviewed and i'd just like to tell you and maybe even open the eyes of
some of the more openminded younger viewers here.

The reason why the first interview is with a human from Denmark is not
because he is good or anything. Couse i bet he is, otherwise he would'nt
even be in this tournament would he? None of them would.

He gets interviewed FIRST! Now thats the main thing, this is Dota. A game
that is meant to keep you distracted, just like any game. Tetris. I mean
litterly any game.
90% of all things in your daily life is there to distract, not just you,
but the people you pass on the street. Everyone.

Sorry, i keep stalling myself. I do that sometimes xD Hard to keep track of
a single thought in the mix of tens of thousands. He gets interviewed first
for he is from denmark wich ALLEGEDLY according to Government studies
(thats an important one there) the happiest country in the world.

And everyone is taught this outside of denmark and inside mainstream media.
What they're not told in those studies is we also have the biggest rate of
abuse on happy pills and those of us who don't take happy pills smoke
ALOOOOOT of weed to compensate with what the government is doing to us
throughout our lives.

Anyway! I wish you happy weekend and I, as you will now sit down and enjoy
this dota tournament :)

Peace <3

Yan Tirta

The commentators need to grow up and be more neutral. Their childishly
bashing on C9.


twitch is down


S I X T Y   F R A M E S    P E R   S E C O N D

Kevin Cabanban

nice One!

Ryan Holmes

who won?

Agung Soedarso

what happened with twitch?

Trevor Pollard

Jeremy Lin brought me here

Rechilda Norombaba

After a very long hour of viewing..cnt find alliance?


geek convention

Kimonimo Battazzello

Wow that presenter needs some pills. That guy is WAY TOO hyper/ADHD. Calm
down man.


bone7 :)))))

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