Starcraft Brood War - Zerg 10 "Omega" in 24:26 - Part 3/3 (obsolete)

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  • Автор: soulhunger1

    This was not done by me. It was done by Philip "ballofsnow" Cornell.

    Part 3 - Finishing off the blue base and crushing the red base.

    Note: This run has been improved! The mission was done in . Check out the video response to part 1 by HadesSDA.

    Author's comments:

    "In the last level of the Brood War campaign you face three enemy forces, two Terran and one Protoss. Thank Blizzard for making this level easier by only requiring unit-producing buildings to be destroyed. I can't imagine having to destroy every single building in this map.. *shudders* Anyways, for the last level of a game it's fairly straightforward: build, destroy, expand, repeat."

    If you enjoyed this run, check out other missions at


awesome! ive always had trouble on this level. thought i had to take out
every building *gasps at all the missle launchers*


Keep it up and you will be just like the other pros

Osmar Solis

It's awesome , i'm not very good at starcraft but now i can see the
impossible done made possible.


"Keep it up and you will be just like the other pros" I am actually not
that good at Starcraft. This was done by someone else, as I say in the
video description. The run was submitted on September 14, 2005. My best
time for this mission is like 2 hours or something.


"R u waiting for Stracraft 2?" Nah, I'm not too big of a SC fan. I uploaded
the videos because they are pretty cool, but I didn't see them on YouTube.
I enjoy watching the Korean pro games, but I hardly ever play SC.

Peter James Kolacz

Works fine on my mac...

Matthew Ward

what channel was that and what place like u.s east,west,asia or europe ?


can i have the games then lol?


omg, this mission took me 5 hours :/


"this guy sucks, a real pro would make hella hatcherys, three towers, three
evolution, and way more units." Cool, if you think you can do better,
improve the run and submit it to speeddemosarchive. This is the current
record, so far, and they would be more than happy to accept an improvement.
In fact, part of the reason I uploaded these runs was to hopefully get
someone interested in improving them. This run is 2 years old, so it's
about due. "But u still good." This was not done by me.


Wow... I'm kinda wondering why there was a valkerie by an overlord at an
outpost that wasn't attacking...


"I'm kinda wondering why there was a valkerie by an overlord at an outpost
that wasn't attacking..." When a player's buildings are destroyed, its
units become neutral, and will not attack. In this map, the computers are
defeated when all of their unit-producing buildings are destroyed.


Oh..*forhead smack here*


ah you're right


and i never beat it.. always got too frustrating midway


no swarm/plague? when i played this level I plagued the hell out all the
terran units. I did a guardian/ling/devour mix with queens ensare for
archons/tanks and plague for everything!


I'm not sure how beneficial plague or swarm would be in terms of time
saved. If you could get the defilers up while taking down the first two
bases, maybe you could make the attack on the last base successful using
hydras and ultras. An interesting idea, but I'm probably not good enough to
pull it off.


ultralisk RULES 4 EVER!


HA HA love to see ultralisk kill everything. Reminds me of the circus...


this level was fucking hard, I gave up on it, that was like 6 years ago. I
still remember getting my expansion harassed by sons of korhal's marines
and siege tanks, and while I was fighting them meanwhile main base was
attacked by like 8 battle cruisers + 12 goliathes with charon booster, and
a bunch of dark templars, archons, and carriers. and then sons of korhal
sneaks a ghost in and launches a nuke, wtf.


I hated the Protoss base so much on this level. It took me forever to
destroy it. Acturus was easy though.


Wait, you ACTUALLY see Ultralisks in the Circus? I gotta go one day...


show me the money= gets 10000 mine and 10000 gas black sheep wall= show the
entire map operation cwal=fast building food for thought=unlimided food
suply have fun^_^V


I beat this in like 36 mins or 38, but the first time i did so it took me a
hour. I always kill white or the red guys last.


if you had seen the last vid zergling only take up half a supply so the max
number is 400 zerglings

Johannes Rautio

Hydra rush. Just the way I like it ;)


Yeah, it would be cool to see some Korean pros beat these records. I guess
not too many people are interested in speed running single player.


The key to preventing it from becoming an hour long slug fest is, as this
video demonstrates, to quickly do an economy boom and create and upgrade
lots of hydralisks, support them with overlords for detection and attack
fast. You see, the computer is quite slow in researching spells and
upgrading its units. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes. By
rushing like in the video, you also have the advantage of superior upgrades.


Nicely done indeed, this mission took me quite a few attempts before I
managed to beat it. I always attacked the protoss first, because they
become very annoying once they research spells like stasis field, psionic
storm and maelstrom. Once I defeated the protoss, the terrans weren't
difficult to deal with.


Cool. This run is very old (submitted in 2005). It's the current record on
speeddemosarchive, however. I'd love to see an improvement. Since I first
saw it, I felt the run could be improved. It's just a matter of someone
taking the time to record a better run.


nice, this stage took me like 6 hours lol




Nice vid After I watched this video, I went and tried it myself and got a
time of 24:54 on my first try. I'll try again later. So if even I got that
close, this time defintely could be improved


This was fastforwarded a little? Cause those ultralisks and mutalisks are
moving too fast.


"This was fastforwarded a little?" No, the time is visible at the end. I'm
sure the game speed is set to fastest. Maybe you play on a lower setting?
"Cause those ultralisks and mutalisks are moving too fast." If it were
fast-forwarded, all units would be moving too fast, not just those two. Not
to mention how annoying it would be synchronizing the sound to match the
video speed. Because if it were fast-forwarded, the sound would also play
faster and sound higher pitched.


I want JulyZerg to play this... hehe


Haha yeah, then I could upload it in one part because it would be under 11

Roberto Sazo

thats the power of the swarm

Idonot Wanto

Yea in this level, attacking Mengsk (red terran) with ground troops is
really hard. He has so many damn tanks and infantry. I had to use air units
to beat him.


that would call for a "power overwhelming". Lol! But that would suck since
its a cheat.


The battle was epic and I mean it makes LOTR seems picnic. But to think
that you as a player doing all this for that bloodsucking snake kerrigan,
that's just fucked up. Lol! I like Kerrigan the way she is but doing all
those backstabbing is what I really don't like in Brood War. Its okey to
backstab Mengks though. The UED looks cool at first but gets pwned and they
suck in the end.


lol hes playin a comp


What's your point? All speed runs are done against AI.


Digo que no soy yo en la descripci


thanks for showing me how to stop the zerg lol siege tankS!!!! lol


first time takes a while, now it's easier though I'm offracing and I don't
even bother using land units for red terran (arcturus). I can do under 40,
but I'm not trying to break a record.


tanks have a lot of weaknesses, the only real way to stop a zerg rush is
terran ball + AIR SUPPORT. A few BCs hanging over your ball does a ton more


Over 5 years on and I haven't completed this last level. Such a hard level


same here i feel the same as u *_*

Aessde-F zexceve

damn the zerg


i need to correct my self: after i saw this vid and the strategy i copied
it and managed the level in 67 minutes :D


Speeddemosarchive would probably not allow a segmented mission, if that's
what you mean. Otherwise, no, saving is not cheating. If you plan on doing
a speed run, then you most likely have to do each mission as a single


Yes. That is one use for saving the game. It makes it much easier to have a
game save than having to restart. I abused saves when I was trying to get
the bonus mission.


That opponent was eliminated, so its units are neutral.


If i were protoss i would pwn this level so fast...

Mauricio Barron

eres mexicano ?


i hear ya...if a mission is hard, ive had over 20 different saves so if i
messed up i had different like chapters i could reboot to


Not to sound like a wanna-be(I'm noob) pro, but I think swarm would have
helped takeing the red base.


Takes time to wait till the defilers catch up. He was going for pure speed,
regardless of the casualties. With that many siege tanks, the splash still
is enough to take out anything. So either the guardians take out the tanks
or not. Swarm would have helped, but it takes a lot of APM, which would be
better used to macro up guardians and zerglings.


damn it!!! i had done this level in 16 minutes !!! i should try it again
and probably record id at speeddemosarchive


I almost take 1 hour in this mission. i think, especially protoss harder
than either.




argh i hated the toss. if you leave it alone for too long it'll spam
templars, reavers, and archons like crazy. two maelstroms and half of the
troop is gone.

Johnnie Walker

jaedong should have done it faster )


lol it just seemed too easy... XD


yeah, it would surely have made it a lot easier, but since at this point he
like already won the mission and had like 123456789$ he just threw all his
air fleet + couple lings and it was largely enough XD


arcturis fails at base defense lol


Surely there is someone sopmewhere who has played through Enslavers 2. I
got to the mission where you are protoss, with dark archons disabled, you
spawn in the middle of the map on low ground surrounded by ridges with
little room to put buildings or expand, and your terran and zerg enemies
get unlimited resources. If only could mind control to build up a BC


i love the zergs, those mutating evolving gutty slimy organs on the outside
things i love it!!!


mass adrenalined zerglings FTW!! )))


I got the bonus lvl once and I don't remember how to get it lol .


A trick I use as a terran, is to throw up to ten seige tanks at my
entrance(s). Knowing that 1 row of missle turrets might not be enough, I
throw up to 2 rows. With the entrace(s) blocked I use wraiths and
battlecruisers in a ratio of 2 wraiths:1 battlecruiser. The same goes for
protoss, but the entrance(s) are blocked with dragoons, with photon cannons
behind them. Behind the photon cannons are 2 squads of 5 dragoons, holding
position. The ration for the protoss is 2 scouts: 1 carrier.


I use that strategy most of the time, but I use a different one for open
battlefields. I put siege tanks/dragoons in a checkers formation on the
rim. Those open places in the formation are where I put missle
turrets/photon cannons. I still use the same ratio on 2 wraiths: 1
battlecruiser and 2 scouts:1 carrier. I try to research siege mode as soon
as I can.


Emperor mengst had a weak, but effective, ground defense. You used his lack
in air defense to destroy his ground defense, allowing your ground forces
to break through his failing defenses. He had the ability to nuke you, but
couldn't without a ghost. What a retarded opponent!


ah now see i heard mengsk voice in the SC2 trailer and i was confused cuz i
thought he died goes to show how long its been since ive played but im
replaying now and im on this level i wanted to repaly this for i got sc2
getting it in 2 days (payday you see)


Is it possible to take on Mengsk (red Terran) without offensive air units?


nice job. this mission is a bitch!


@hnkul702 dont know, try 5 times, but at last beat this mission today.
Mengsk just have unbalanced too much tank. By 2 - 3 waves of hydralisks, I
finish UED en protoss. I make 5 waves of Hydralisks against Mengsk, cant
pass the siege tanks I tried zergling, but not able to move large group of
zergling at short time. Zo I have to do bulid air forces, 2 waves Guardian
and 2 waves the anti-air evolution. Easy cake.

Ishak Ince

Man, so many zerglings... That is just cruel for Terran...

Edgardo Flores

Y yo que tarde como 5 hrs en pasar la mision xDD

Densuke Mifune

ohhh that DarkArchon at 0:24 he gave me some troublre... *mind control
ultra* *mind control guardian* *mind control another guardian* *he dies*


What? I never thought that with only legion of hydraulisk is possible to
win. With one eliminated opponent is much easier.


@chengda85 me to, in 2006-2007 I gave up but know is the hope, and if I
pass this mission I will play Protoss which I never played ever.

John paul fernandez

Oh man this zerg mission (omega) is insane, but once you have mastered the
game controls,unite cordination,navigation, and manipulation it is a small
breeze of cool air for it's easy enought to defeat in a faire open ground
fight without resorting to cheat engines, to make quite work out of it.But
however you won't stand up like a true pc strategist if by any chance you
have type in the cheat engine codes,to give you a jump start in the fight
with extra resources or more.


Nice tactic, using hydralisks as offensive tactic is cheaper and faster
than those guardians/devourers tactic. But I like the latter one, because
its fun way to beat them. :D

M Anderson

i found this mission so hard for such a long time, but what i found easy
was essentially what this guy did, mass hydra the UED and kill em fast, cuz
if you wait too long you'll get fleets of wraiths and BC's attacking, then
i mass ground against toss, i was saving gass so i made a combo of hydra
and ling, and then i just mass aird mengsk. The main thing tho is kill the
UED first and leave the weakest last, cuz by god those BC's get sooo


I am extremely surprised the Dominion's forces never rushed you with tanks
or nukes at one point, plus the Protoss didn't psionic storm you to death,
which is a plus. Since it's Zerg, casualties are irrelevant. I plan to
replay this level using your direct assault methods here.


I did it with mass hydra as well. Obviously, not nearly as fast! I didn't
even know you only have to kill the production buildings. That's nice to


Whenever i do this i look away for a second and my entire fucking army is
killed by 1 reaver


just build units, just units DO IT


One of the Easiest... all Campaign missions are easy though. All it takes
is basic Micro, Macro and placement.


this guy is just a boss thats all there is to it


Well, That just blew my Mind..... I've beat this level twice I think... I
went Red, White, Blue, but it took me at least 5 + hours. Dunno what to
say, except wow

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